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A Tour through the Old Town of Brasov
Turul Brasovului vechi

Take a virtual tour of medieval Brasov using the sensitive map, or the links near the map. Pentru un tur virtual al Brasovului medieval, utilizati harta senzitiva de mai jos sau link-urile de langa harta.

Sensitive Map of Brasov
  1. Tampa Mountain
  2. Black Church
  3. The Council House Square
  4. The Council House
  5. The Weaver's Bastion
  6. The White Tower
  7. Along the Walls
  8. Old Walls of Brasov
  9. Main Street in the Old Town
  10. The Cablecar
  11. Along the Walls
  12. Medieval Yard
  13. Sforii (The Rope) Street
  14. Ecaterina Gate
  15. Schei Gate
- cablecar | - church | - hotel
(c) 1997 Mihai Munteanu

Medieval Brasov
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Other Medieval Towns
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