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Die Piefke-Saga

"Massentourismus" in the Age of the Internet

The narcissistic traveller sees himself wherever he goes; the world forms his mirror. To him, what is a trip to Tyrol but a room with a mountain view, like changing the channel on TV? Mahlzeit, Kinder, eat your fill, but please, only food I recognize, prepared by hands bent on serving me.

What might happen, we wonder, if like Alice we step off the Mercedes Touring bus for a bit and venture down that dirt road over there, behind the red geraniums, through a screen of trees? You'll find a stream of digits. Put your ego in your pocket, press here , and let your imagination -- and the Internet -- be your guide.

A Virtual Tourist's Guides to Austria

Österreich Werbung
The Austrian Video Archive offers pictures and videos of Austrian touristic sites.
Country and City-Net Guide to Austria.

A Virtual Tourist's Guides to Tyrol

You can travel to Tyrol on the Net using this clickable map or this one, where you might want to have a look at Lanersbach in Zillertal, not far at all (at least accoustically...) from Mitterer's Lahnenberg.

Or would you like this Internet Guided Tour or rather this one? Das Angebot ist riesig, im Internet genauso wie auf Papier, im Fernsehen, und im Radio.

The Internet Guides show you images like these , statistics on Tirol (Tirol in Zahlen), including figures on (tourism in "Piefke-Saga land"). You can see how many inhabitants are involved with tourism ( Wirtschaftliche Gliederung der Berufstätige), and how much has been built in Austria lately, probably also due to tourism ( Flächennutzung).
Note: These guides are offered by the Institut fuer Geographie, Innsbruck.

If you do not speak German, use this "German for Travellers" book. Nevertheless, if you go off the beaten path, you might need this guide to the Languages of Austria. And even with this guide, I wonder how many tourists will ever understand this Viennese poem Gedicht auf "weanarisch"...

Virtual Tourism vs. Massentourismus

Keys for the Unimagined Tourist, an excerpt from Laura Fillmore's and Dee Landergren's forthcoming book, "Home on the Net," (IDG, 1996)
Being a digital tourist as seen by Nicholas Negroponte in Place without Space.

Are the guides above different from those all over the world? Does "Massentourismus" have borders? Or is it rather just like the Internet?

3% Discount on Travel Packages Given to Internet Users

Where Travel and Kitsch Come Together

Travel and Weddings on the Net
How do these Banquets compare with dinning at Hotel Alpenfrieden?

Enough of this, let's now think of a new travel ethic, the "ecotourism".

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