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The Internet Companion

A Beginner's Guide to Global Networking (2nd edition)

by Tracy LaQuey

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Front Matter

Chapter 1
What Is the Internet and Why Should You Know About It?

Whence It Came
It Keeps Going and Going . . .
The Equalizer
Peeling Back the Layers: Differences between Networks
Convergence: A Traffic Circle on the Information Highway
Mrs. Smith Connects to Washington
Business Use
Backing Out of the Driveway
The Future

Chapter 2
Internet: The Lowdown

A Network of Networks
In the Beginning
How Computers Talk
Who Runs the Internet?
Acceptable Use
Internet Concepts

Chapter 3
Communicating with People

All (Or Almost All) About Electronic Mail
Conferencing: Group Speak
Interactive Discussions
Netiquette, Ethics, and Digital Tricks of the Trade

Chapter 4
Finding Information

Using Online Resources and Services
Accessing Interactive Services
Online Resources
Transferring Information
Finding Resources and Files

Chapter 5
Internet in-the-Know Guide

Legends on the Internet
Security Issues
Internet Organizations
Help! Getting More Information
Finding Email Addresses: The Sequel

Chapter 6
Unix on the Internet: A Survival Guide

Logging In
Getting Help
The Unix File System
Electronic Mail
Reading USENET News

Chapter 7
Getting Connected

Easy Street
All You Need to Get Started Dialing into the Internet
Types of Connections
Choosing an Individual Access Provider
Connecting Your Business or Organization


Appendix -- fully-linked version at the University of North Carolina

Bookshelves Foreword Copyright 1994 by Tracy LaQuey and Editorial Inc.

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