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This appendix contains pointers to popular resources available on the Internet. The Uniform Resource Locators (URL) system (explained in Chapter 4) was used to describe these resources. Here are some quick examples of how you would use each type of URL:

URL					Commands

telnet:// telnet 5150 ftp pub/baseball/jazz cd pub/baseball get jazz gopher:// gopher Use entire URL in your web browser. For example, Choose Open URL in Mosaic and type in the URL.

N.B.: Some URLs and commands are split between lines because of their length.

Many of the FTP URLs specify directories of files, not filenames. In this appendix, FTP URLs that end with a "/" are directories. In those cases you'll need to type dir to get a listing of files that are available. Remember to read any instructions shown on the screen and check for "readme" files in each directory that will provide more clues.

Remember, the Internet is a moving target. Computer names change. Sites disappear. What works today may not work tomorrow. You're welcome to send comments and corrections to:


Selected Resources for Navigating the Internet

Lists and Guides for Online Library Catalogs, BBSs, and Databases

Accessing On-line Bibliography Databases, maintained by Billy Barron and Marie-Christine Mahe. Directory of online library catalogs and databases.; gopher:// Libraries.)

AT&T InterNIC Directory and Database Services . Includes white pages, yellow pages, and access to a large number of databases and Internet documents. gopher://;

Campus-Wide Information Systems (CWIS), compiled by Judy Hallman (

Internet-Accessible Library Catalogs & Databases , by Art St. George and Ron Larsen. Listing of over 100 online library catalogs and databases.

The Internet Yellow Pages, by Harley Hahn and Rick Stout. Osborne McGraw-Hill, 1994.

SURAnet Guide to Selected Internet Resources , by the SURAnet Network Information Center. This is a monthly updated guide to new and unique Internet resources. or call (301) 982-4600 to order.

Special Internet Connections , compiled by Scott Yanoff ( This is a list of Internet services organized by subject.

Network Information Centers

Asia-Pacific:Asia Pacifica Network Information Center (APNIC), c/o Computer Center, University of Tokyo 2-11-16; Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113 JapanPhone: 81-3-3580-3781, 81-3-3580-3784Fax: 81-3-3580-3782Email: admin@apnic.netInformation: gopher://

Australia: Australian Academic and Research Network (AARNET), GPO Box 1142, Canberra ACT 2601 AustraliaPhone: 61-6-249-3385Fax: 61-6-249-1369 Email: gopher://;

Canada:The CA-NET Network Operations Centre (NA-NOC), University of Toronto, 255 Huron St., Room 367, Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A1, CanadaPhone: (416) 978-4621Email:

Europe:RIPE Network Coordination Centre (RIPE-NCC), Kruislaan 409, NL-1098 SJ Amsterdam, The NetherlandsPhone: 31-20-592-5065, Fax: 31-20-592-5090Email: ncc@RIPE.NET

United States: InterNIC Information ServicesPhone: (800) 444-4343, (619) 455-4600Email: info@internic.netInformation: telnet:// gopher); gopher://

Information Services:General Atomics, P.O. Box 85608, San Diego, CA 92186-9784Phone: (800) 444-4345, (619) 455-4600Fax: (619) 455-4640Email: info@is.internic.netInformation: telnet:// gopher); ftp|gopher://;

Directory and Database Services: AT&TPhone: (800) 862-0677, (908) 668-6587Fax: (908) 668-3763Email: Information: ftp|gopher://;

Registration Services: Network Solutions Inc. (NSI), Attn: InterNIC Registration Services, 505 Huntmar Park Dr., Herndon, VA 22070Phone: (703) 742-4777Email: Information: telnet|ftp|gopher://;

Commercial Networking

Organizations and Consortiums

CommerceNet, 459 Hamilton Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94301Phone: (415) 617-8790Fax: (415) 617-1516Email: Information:;

The Commercial Internet Exchange (CIX) Association Trade Association of Commercial Internet Providers, 3110 Fairview Park Dr, Suite 590, Falls Church, VA 22042Phone: (303) 482-2150Fax: (303) 482-2884Email: info@cix.orgInformation: ftp|gopher://

Enterprise Integration Networking (EINet), Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC), 3500 West Balcones Center Dr., Austin, TX 78759Phone: (512) 338-3569Fax: (512) 338-3897Email:; Email server:

Commercial Information Services

ClariNet Communications Corporation, 4880 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 206, San Jose, CA 95129Phone: (408) 296-0366, (800) USE-NETSFax: (408) 296-1668Email: ftp://ftp.clarinetcom/clarinet_info/main_info

Dialog Information ServicesPhone:(415) 858-3785, (800) 3-DIALOG; Fax: (415) 858-7069

Dow Jones News/Retrieval, Dow Jones Information Services Phone (customer service): (800) 522-3567

Lexis-Nexis, Mead Data Central, Inc. Phone: (800) 227-4908

Books and Periodicals

Cronin, Mary. Doing Business on the Internet: How the Electronic Highway Is Transforming American Companies. Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1994.

Internet Business Journal. Subscriptions $149/12 issues (year). Write to: Strangelove Press, 60 Springfield Rd., Suite 1, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1M 1C7. For more information, see: or gopher:// Internet Business Journal.)

Internet Business Report. Subscription information available from CMP Publications, Inc., 600 Community Dr., Manhasset, N.Y. 10030.

Hypercard Tours

A Cruise of the Internet. Developed by Steve Burdick in collaboration with Laura Kelleher and Mark Davis for Merit Network, Inc. (Choose directory cruise.dos or cruise.mac.) For more information, contact Merit Network, Inc., Information Services, 2901 Hubbard, Pod G, Ann Arbor, MI 48105. Email address:

Tour of the Internet. Developed by the NSF Network Service Center (NNSC), BBN Laboratories, Inc. the internet-tour-readme.txt file for instructions on getting and installing this HyperCard stack.

Books and Online Documents

See elsewhere in the Appendix for a listing of Internet resource guides, both hardcopy and online.

Resource Catalogs and Lists

Finding Sites

New Internet Sites is a database of new WorldWideWeb, Gopher, hytelnet, and WAIS sites. gopher:// Explore Internet Resources.)

Nova-Links Internet Access, maintained by Rob Kabacoff, is a WorldWideWeb navigator of available WWW, Gopher, and hytelnet sites that is updated daily. It also provides software libraries and a "fun and games page."

Sites to Lose Yourself In

NASA. NASA has a large number of Web, Gopher, FTP, WAIS, and Telnet sites. In the NASA sites, you can view the latest Hubble Space Telescope photographs, read the notebook logs of the JASON project, and access NASA's immense databases of astrophysics, oceanography, and geosciences information. For a hypertext gateway to all of NASA's resources, try, connect to the Goddard Space Flight Center:;gopher://;

SunSITE. Telnetting to SunSITE will provide public access to all of the most frequently used clients, including lynx, WAIS, and Gopher; there is also a large anonymous FTP archive. The SunSITE WorldWideWeb site archives the White House papers, has a large number of multimedia "exhibits," serves the Cisco K-12 Educational Archive and Resource Catalog, and provides Dr. Fun, a daily cartoon; it is so popular that it receives 100,000 visitors per day. telnet|FTP|gopher|

For More Information

The Clearinghouse for Networked Information and Retrieval (CNIDR) provides information on and promotes the use of Network Information and Retrieval (NIDR) tools. gopher://;

The mailing list, NEWNIR-L, discusses new Network Information and Retrieval Services. List address: NEWNIR-L@ITOCSIUM.BITNET. To subscribe: LISTSERV@ITOCSIUM.BITNET

The mailing list, Net Happenings, distributes announcements of interest, including new Internet resources, conferences, and publications. To subscribe, send a message to and in the body of the message type: subscribe net-happenings

Telnet Resources

List of Sites.A good list of Telnet sites is included in Scott Yanoff's Special Internet Connections(see the "Starting Your Internet Tour" section of this Appendix).

Greatest Hits. Dartmouth Library. Access Dante's Divine Comedy and all the criticism written on it, The King James Bible, and Shakespeare's Sonnets. telnet://

Library of Congress. Access a database of all of the Library of Congress' holdings, or find the most up-to-date legislative and copyright information. telnet://

Anonymous FTP Resources

List of Sites.List of Anonymous FTP Sites, originally by Tom Czarnik, now maintained by Perry Rovers (

How to Find Sources and Lists of Mail Servers, originally by Jonathan Kamens, now maintained by Kent Lanfield ( Includes a list of anonymous FTP sites that allow files to be accessed via email. Posted regularly to the USENET newsgroups: comp.sources.wanted, alt.sources.wanted, comp.answers, alt.answers, and news.answers To get a current copy, send email to: send-finding-

Greatest Hits. Entertainment Archives. Includes the largest humor archive on the Internet, as well as directories for TV and music, puzzles, books, cyberculture, Disney, and baseball, among many others: Send email to for more information.

NCSA. The home of Telnet, Mosaic, and a large virtual reality archive:

UUNET Archives of Everything. All the software you could possibly need can be found here: more information, send email to

Gopher Resources

Lists of SitesGopher Jewels., maintained by David Riggins ( Lists Gopher sites by category. gopher:// (Choose Other Gophers and Information Servers); David Riggins also maintains a mailing list for sharing interesting Gopher finds: GOPHERJEWELS@EINET.NET To subscribe, send a message to and put the following command in the body: subscribe gopher jewels firstname lastname

All the Gopher Servers in the World (the name says it all). Gopher sites are listed by geographical location: gopher:// in the directory Other Gopher and Information Servers).

Gopher-Mail is a guide for accessing Gopher resources via electronic mail. For more information, send email to

Greatest Hits. The Internet Wiretap. This gargantuan Gopher site maintains a video game archive, archives the White House press releases, and has a large Etext library. gopher:// Send email to for more information.

UIUC Weather Machine . This Gopher site provides up-to-the-minute weather forecasts for every part of the United States, along with the latest satellite images. gopher://

The World. The home of the Online Book Initiative, a project for publishing electronic texts, as well as a shopping mall and an archive of newsgroups and mailing lists. Also provides gateways to a large number of other Gopher and Telnet sites. gopher://

Additional Information and Discussion.: Mailing list: GOPHERN, also called "Let's Go Gopherin'," is dedicated to discussing new and interesting Gopher sites. List address: GOPHERN@UBVM.CC.BUFFALO.EDU To subscribe: LISTSERV@UBVM.CC.BUFFALO.EDU

Veronica FAQ: Compiled and maintained by Steven Foster and Fred Barrie: gopher:// Search All of Gopherspace Using Veronica.)

USENET: See comp.infosystems.gopher or alt.gopher


List of Sites. Master Directory of WAIS Servers.. Indexes all the WAIS sites.;

Newsgroup-Related Indexes, by Edward Vielmetti. Lists WAIS sites that index some or all of USENET newsgroups.

Greatest Hits. CIA World Factbook. This immense resource is searchable via gopher and WAIS at gopher:// Selected Internet Resources, then Books, Serials, Music.)

White House Papers. A WAIS search of all the Clinton papers is available at telnet:// as politics).

Additional Information and Discussion. USENET: comp.infosystems.wais is a general discussion of WAIS.


Lists of Sites.CUI Catalog. A powerful searching tool of WorldWideWeb resources: Also regularly announces "what's new" in the Web:

MKGray@MIT.EDU's New 'Wow, It's Big!' Comprehensive HTTP Site List, compiled and maintained by Matthew K. Gray ( Lists every WWW site, and provides information on the growth of the web:

Virtual Library. Lists WorldWideWeb servers by subject:

W3 Servers. A geographical listing of WorldWideWeb servers:

Greatest Hits. Doctor Fun. The Web's own daily cartoon, as well as archives of every Doctor Fun, and a place to grab Doctor Fun thumbnails for your own home pages:

EINet Galaxy. This huge WWW site searches the Internet for any topic imaginable, from multimedia and fun stuff to education, business, medicine, and law, and provides pointers to virtually all the information you could need: For more information, send email to:

Online BookStore. Find the Mosaic version of the first Stephen King story to be published on the Internet, or order a copy of: The Internet Companion.

Wired. The WWW site of the popular alternative magazine archives back issues, provides discussion on ongoing topics, and has subscription forms: To receive update announcements, send email to with the message subscribe hotwired. For more information, send email to:

Additional Information and Discussion. List of FAQs and Guides to WWW. Starting from here, you should be able to find the answer to any question about anything in the WorldWideWeb:

URL Specifications. The official specifications are available at:

WWW FAQ, maintained by Thomas Boutell ( Posted regularly to comp.infosystems.www, and archived at:

USENET: comp.infosystems.www is a general discussion of all WWW issues; comp.os.lynx discusses lynx, a WWW text browser.

Software, Games, and Video Archives

Merit/University of Michigan Software Archives, maintained by Fred Swartz ( gopher:// Merit Software Archives.)

MPEG Archives. MPEG videos that can be accessed through the WorldWideWeb:

PC Game Archives, maintained by Brian O'Neill ( the README file in this directory.)

Other large software archives (for all systems) can be found at:,, and or pub2/

Communication Directories, Resources, and Lists

Email Directories of Addresses

How to Find People's E-Mail Addresses FAQ, by Jonathan Kamens, and maintained by David Lamb ( Posted regularly to the USENET newsgroups: comp.answers, soc.answers, news.answers, comp.mail.misc,, and news.newusers.questions Archived at:

InterNIC White Pages. Email questions to telnet:// as guest); the file; gopher:// InterNic Directory and Database Services.);

List of Internet Whois Servers, by Matt Power (; gopher:// Internet Whois Servers.)

NetPages, by Susan Estrada, Aldea Communications, Inc., Carlsbad CA. Email: Phone: 1-800-TOALDEA or (619) 943-0101

NYSERNET/PSI White Pages. For more information, send email to: telnet:// (login as fred)

Stable Large Email Database (SLED). SLED registers people and provides a directory service. For more information, send email to with the subject info.

!%@:: A Directory of Electronic Mail Addresses and Networks, by Donnalyn Frey and Rich Adams. This is a detailed resource to over 130 networks. Published by O'Reilly and Associates.

In addition, university Gopher servers often maintain directories of students and faculty. See the "Gopher" section above for lists of Gopher sites.

Online Address Services

CSO: searches "all the directory servers in the world." gopher:// Phone Books and then phone Books at Other Institutions.)

Knowbot: a uniform interface to the white pages services on the Internet: telnet://

Netfind: a program that queries the network to find addresses: telnet:// as netfind). Gopher gateway to Netfind: gopher:// Choose Network Wide E-Mail Searches.)

X.500: to look up addresses for people and organizations. gopher:// Directory and Database Services, then White Pages, then the X500 Gateway.)

WHOIS: another way to look up addresses for people and organizations. gopher://

Lists of Mailing Lists and Misc. Documents

Directory of Scholarly Electronic Conferences, compiled by Diane K. Kovacs ( Provides descriptions of scholarly mailing lists of interest to scholars: ftp://ksuvxa.KENT.EDU/library/; (See the file: ACADLIST.README.) A print version is available from the Association of Research Libraries; contact Ann Okerson at:

List of BITNET LISTSERV Lists, compiled and maintained at the BITNET Network Information Center (BITNIC), Washington, DC. Available via email by sending a message to with the message, list global. For more information, send email to with the message info or contact the BITNIC, 1112 Sixteenth St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20036, (202) 872-4200.

Mailing List Search. WWW search of all available mailing lists and their descriptions:

Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists, compiled and maintained by Stephanie da Silva (;

Inter-Network Mail Guide, originally by John J. Chew, now maintained by Scott Yanoff ( A guide on how to send electronic mail:;

Smiley Server, maintained by David W. Sanderson. Online resource of all the "smilies" in the known universe:; gopher:// Feature Articles, then All the Smileys. . . .) Smileys is also available in hardcopy from O'Reilly and Associates (1993).

USENET: comp.mail.misc


Newsgroup Lists and Descriptions.WWW List of Internet Newsgroups. Also provides instructions for reading news with a WWW client:

Search USENET newsgroup descriptions (and USENET FAQs): gopher:// Internet Resources, then Search USENET Newsgroup Descriptions.)

USENET FAQs and Periodic Postings.USENET FAQs. Posted or emailed regularly to newsgroups and mailing lists; also regularly posted on the USENET newsgroup news.answers. Archives:; gopher:// ( Choose USENET News Frequently Asked Questions.); Periodic Postings, compiled and maintained by Jonathan I. Kamens. Periodic documents are posted or emailed regularly to newsgroups and mailing lists. Archives:

MUDs, MOOs, MUSEs, and MUSHs

Lists of MUDs.MUD List Archive. Also provides a MUD FAQ and descriptions of a few MUDs. Select "jack in" to login to various MUDs. gopher:// Virtual Spaces: MUD.)

Totally Unofficial List of Internet MUDs, compiled by Scott Goehring:

Zarf's List of Interactive Games on the Web, maintained by Andrew Plotkin (

Greatest Hits. JaysHouseMOO. A place where friends hang out. This MOO actually has a WWW server running inside it. telnet://

lambdaMOO. This is probably the most popular of the interactive environments. Check the documentation for help and information: gopher:// Computer Information, then OAC Staff Test Projects, then Steve Newton's Goodies, then LambdaMoo Documentation.) To get to lambdaMOO: telnet://

Nails. A MUD with a "Miami Vice" theme: telnet:// For more information, send email to

TrekMUSE. Based on the Star Trek universe. telnet:// For more information, see:

Additional Information and Discussion. MUD FAQ: This is the FAQ:

USENET: For newsgroups discussing various interactive systems, see: alt.mud,,, and to the tinyMUDs)

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