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The Internet Companion:
A Beginner's Guide To Global Networking

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Omni, March, 1995 "Referencing the Net: A Common-Sense Guide to Guidebooks"

"The introductory volumes are designed to whet the user's appetite for the Internet and to provide the basic information the beginner needs to log on. A good one provides a strong foundation upon which a user might begin his or her search for the available resources. Tracy LaQuey's "The Internet Companion: A Beginner's Guide to Global Networking", Second Edition (Addison- Wesley Publishing, 1994, $12.95) is a good place to start. It assumes no knowledge of how the Internet works, and it teaches not only how to find a service provider and the etiquette of the Internet, but also starts the user on the regular features... A quality introductory book can be worth its weight in floppy disks..."

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Penthouse, March, 1995 "Top Five Internet Books"

"The Internet Companion, by Tracy LaQuey (Addison-Wesley). This handbook is a solid introduction to the Internet...You'll find everything here from this history of the Internet to tips on how to use specific applications. If you have, or are planning to get, a Unix shell account, this is an especially good book to read."

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The Wall Street Journal, January 16, 1995 "Maps and Guidebooks for the Superhighway"

"You can't expect to master the Internet in an afternoon. Yet after a few days of using this book [The Internet Companion] you should be able to maneuver your way around to the topics you are interested in. The book is worth its price for the appendixes alone."

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BCS Journal, September, 1994 "Publishing on the Internet"

"She [Laura Fillmore] started her company in the fall of '92 by publishing the Internet Companion. The overwhelming response this received made her realize the popularity and potential of the Internet...'The more electronic files we gave away, the more copies of paper books were sold.' "

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The Sunday Times (London), March 27, 1994 "Fingers do the walking around electronic bookshop"

"Fillmore became fascinated by The Internet and to help new comers like herself she proposed and developed a general interest book, The Internet Companion. She sold the book to Addison Wesley, a publisher, but held back the electronic publishing rights. With her interest in The Internet growing, she decided to publish the book on it, chapter-by-chapter as a series of text files.

"Success was immediate with thousands of people down-loading chapters free of charge as they appeared. The original publisher was also pleased, convinced that electronic publication had increased print sales, eventually leading to the book becoming a bestseller."

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Publishers Weekly, June 28, 1993 "Computer Books Update: (Inter)Net Effects"

"Another Internet beginner's book that has been on the bestseller lists is Tracy LaQuey's The Internet Companion...Laura Fillmore, president of the Online BookStore, decided that putting chapters of the book onto Internet would test both the book's popularity and the possibilities for electronic publishing. The result: In two months online, Internet Companion drew more than 7000 callups. But did the test hurt sales? Fillmore says that B. Dalton and other bookstores reported more sales and requests for the book after the online appearance."

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