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Emerging Business

Hoover's Handbook of Emerging Companies
Features profiles of America Online, Bloomberg, Quark, and a list of all companies profiled in the publication.

Foundation for Enterprise Development
Practical information and assistance on developing a productive business based on meaningfully involving employees in the company as an effective way to motivate and achieve many business goals.

Emerging Business NetCenter
Articles, papers, and services from NetMarquee for emerging businesses.

Nijenrode Business Resources: Table of Contents
Designed at Nijenrode University for their students, faculty, and researchers, this site with over 500 links is also a valuable resource for any member of the business community.

Leadership & Attila

Attila the Hun and the Battle of Chalon
A draft of an article by Arther Ferrill, published in The Quarterly Journal of Military History about Attila's activities in Europe.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
The infamous list from the bestselling book by Dr. Stephen R. Covey (HINT: travel with your images off for easier reading; experiments with wallpaper at this site have muddied the fine text!)

United We Stand
A free online ASCII version of H. Ross Perot's book, accessible by chapters.


Marketing Online
A new OBS online release of Marcia Yudkin's new book! This preview invites you to add your comments and stories to be included in the upcoming paper publication.

The Electronic Marketing Manual
Hands-on information about technologies and techniques from the book by direct mail pioneer Cecil C. Hoge, Sr. See also The Hoge Collection of his articles.

GVU's 2nd WWW User Surveys
Extensive information from the Graphic, Visualization, & Usability Center's four surveys on general demographics, WWW browser usage, authoring information, and consumers.

Internet Business Statistics
Internet demographics, size, growth, and market segments, assembled by the Internet Business Center.


Bartlett's Familiar Quotations (9th edition, 1901)
For quotes from your other favorite subjects, time periods, or authors, Columbia University's publication includes an engine for key-word searching.

Bartlett's Familiar Shakespearean Quotations
Part of MIT's classic collection, this index arranged by play allows you to browse the best from the Bard.

Small Business Information

Khera Communications' Business Resource Center
Formerly the Small Business Help Center, this site was created to help businesses get useful information to help them grow.

NetMarquee: A Business Information Resource
Articles, papers, and services for small and medium-sized businesses, with separate emphasis on family businesses and emerging businesses.

Nolo's Fast Facts: Debt Collectors
By the Editors of Nolo Press, six frequently asked questions and answers.

SBA: Starting Your Business
SBA: Financing Your Business
A starting point to locate the Small Business Administration resources in your area of the USA, and information about securing capital, loan guarantees, and specialized financing.


Traders Glossary
Wall Street Direct's quick reference to investing & trading definitions and futures & options terminology

Security APL Quote Server
Enter the stock symbol of your interest and get today's quote, look at today's NASDAQ Composite Index chart updated every 15 minutes, or check a variety of Indexes updated every 3 minutes.

Provides extensive current financial market data free and for a fee, including current quotes, business news, market analysis, fundamental (balance sheet) data, and company profiles.

Today's Holt Report
The daily stock market report, with archives.

Hong Kong Stocks Reports
Analyzed market information of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Telecommuting & Employee Relations

Communicationg with People
Chapter 3 of the bestselling The Internet Companion, 2nd. ed. by Tracy LaQuey.

Foundation for Enterprise Development
Practical information on developing a productive business based on the stragegy of creating solid employer-employee relationships.

No Place Like Home
An article on telecommuting from In Perspective, the WilTel magazine that explores a broad range of telecommunications issues.

John Eleman, co-host of the Pacific Rim Conference at the Well, shares his thoughts on this subject.


Book Review
As featured in the China News Digest, March 21, 1993.

Martial Arts
A global index of Internet resources for Aikido, Ju jutsu, Judo, Karate, TaeKwon Do, Iaido, Kendo and Jodo, Fillipino martial arts, Chinese martial arts, and more.

Winning and Wall Street

Bartleby, the Scrivener
A story of Wall-street by Herman Melville.

WSTN, The Internet Broadcasting Super-Station offers reports and forecasts on financial markets, business, investments, and the economy.

Wall Street Direct
Resources for individual investors and traders.

A Brief Guide to Closed-End Funds
Covers the different types, net asset value, market price, discount/premium, and how to invest.


Frequently Asked Questions from alt.zen
What it is, why and how people practice it, a glossary, and an introductory reading list.

Zen Buddhist Texts
Offers a "Random Thoughts Generator", primary Zen texts, texts from the Southwest Zen Academy, and other Buddhist sources.

Zen and the Art of the Internet
A hypertext version of the first edition by Brendan P. Kehoe.

History of Ju jutsu
Transition of the Samurai warrior during peacetime in Japan.

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