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Time Warner Quick Reads

Time Warner Electronic Publishing
Launches Time Warner Quick Reads Online

Electronic Books Available on the Internet May 1995 and CompuServe June 1995

NEW YORK, NY May 1995 -- The on-line launch of Time Warner Quick Reads, a line of informational software utilizing business, self-help, entertainment, cooking and reference titles from Warner Books and Little, Brown and Company has been announced today by Time Warner Electronic Publishing (TWEP) Director Andrew Lerner.

Ten business titles, one cooking title, and a free sampler from the Time Warner Quick Reads library will be available on the Internet from the Online BookStore (OBS), in May and CompuServe in June. OBS will offer the files from both its U.S. and European servers (at EUnet/Germany). Titles will be priced from $11.95 - $12.95 each.

On CompuServe, the product will be available through the Time Warner Electronic Bookstore (GO WORD: TWB). A free download of the Time Warner Quick Reads sampler which features excerpts from MR. BOSTON OFFICIAL BARTENDER'S AND PARTY GUIDE, WINNING ON WALL STREET and BARTLETT'S BOOK OF BUSINES QUOTATIONS will be accessible from both services.
(Please note: the Quick Reads are Out of Print and no longer available for download and purchase!)

Full titles available for purchase from OBS and CompuServe are:

Windows-based electronic books which utilize a unique search engine, Time Warner Quick Reads have been developed in cooperation with OverDrive Systems, Inc.

These products will enable consumers to access information at the point and click of a mouse and quickly search for a particular quote, recipe or piece of key information. For instance, one of the ways a reader can search for information is by typing in the word or topic he is looking for--whether words are spelled correctly or phonetically, the relevant passages will appear via the search engine designed by OverDrive. With Time Warner Quick Reads, the days of flipping through an index have passed.

The traveling executive, composing a speech on a laptop, can immediately access a quote on motivation from Bartlett's Business Quotations simply by typing in the word "motivation" and clicking on the search command. This found information can then be cut-and-pasted into the user's original word processing document.

Other features and functions of Time Warner Quick Reads include:

Find: Locate any key word or phrase throughout a document by simply typing a word or phrase. If the user is unsure of the correct spelling, a phonetic search option is available.

Graphics: Photographs and illustrations appear throughout the document; more detailed images appear as icons within the document and can be accessed by clicking on the embedded graphics icon.

Library: Each Time Warner Quick Reads title is a part of a Library--the Cooking Library, the Business Library, etc. These Libraries make it easy to access any title.

Browse: Find results can be browsed within a chapter or browsed chapter by chapter.

Copy & Print: Copy and paste text into a word processing program or print out a hard copy of a document.

Mark: Place electronic bookmarks throughout the document to mark sections of importance. Place personal annotations in addition to the marks.

Hypertext Links: Reference materials referring to a document are only a click away eliminating the need for glossaries and footnotes.

"The interface, inherently unique to the Time Warner Quick Reads program, is not a traditional book page but an exciting, vibrant and active document," said Andrew Lerner, Director of TWEP. "Time Warner Quick Reads will appeal to consumers who want reference-ready material instantly accessible, functional and useable."

"Moreover," commented Lerner, "we believe the tremendous design of Time Warner Quick Reads recreates the sense of place and topic a reader expects from a book."

OverDrive Systems has developed software technology since 1986 for a variety of commercial publishers, including divisions of H&R Block, Harcourt Brace & Company, West Publishing Company, McGraw-Hill and Ziff-Davis.

Diskette versions of Time Warner Quick Reads will also be published and available from traditional software and bookstore outlets in September 1995.

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