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1 - Publishing directly from your personal computer

What is electronic publishing?
Cultural and social impact
Hybrid formats for books and magazines needing shelf-appeal
Readers adapt to the new media
Create your own books and other publications
How do we get paid?
Catering for minority interests and niche markets
Multimedia in perspective
Breaking the physical barriers of print
Limitless opportunities
Cooperative writing
Easy, economical publishing
Future trends

2 - Turn your work into multimedia

Growing fast
Even plain text needs attractive packaging
Selecting authoring software
Don't forget the marketing
Multimedia hardware requirements
Adding pictures and sound the easy way
Adding sound is easy and economical
Existing books that convert well to multimedia
Musical opportunities
Morphing is a practical tool
Virtual reality as a publidhing medium
Games as a medium for authors
Create your own multimedia publishing opportunities

3 - Electronic publishing is transforming business

Many companies have no choice
Changes in the structure of corporations
Difficult decisions
New perspectives on information
Data and information as objects
Is the reader truly portable?
Simple solutions may be best for small operators
Coping with the flood
Creating search capabilities
Where to start?

4 - Marketing your electronic books

Identify your market
Nontraditional book marketing
Begin with research
Marketing to the world
Editorial publicity
Getting your disks and files safely to the right place
Prepublication offers for positive cash flow
Beware the digitized versions of vanity publishing

5 - Distributing your work

Virtual publications need have no physical existence
Wireless distribution
Publishing by shortwave-the fax of the future?
Broadcast your book to 20 million people
Distributing and selling on-line
Your own bulletin board
Distributing through on-line and disk catalogs
Financial success from free distribution
Physical distribution on disks and cards
Distribute by renting, and establish long term relationships
Cutting mailing costs

6 - Capturing the look and feel

The trusted and familiar

Crossing the media frontiers
Choosing a publishing program
Pause before rushing into digital publication
Paperless magazines can survive where print versions fail
Customized newspapers
Keep security in proportion

7 - The impact of electronic publishing on your career

Footloose wordsmiths
Librarians: essential or redundant?
Librarians become publishers and distributors
Writers and editors
Editors need new skills
Scientists & academics
Produce an e-book to help your business
E-books as agents for change
The Acme Book of Change: The challenges & trauma of transition at Acme Manufacturing

8 - Packaging and duplicating

Play with the packaging
Packaging possibilities for small runs and big images
Professional packagers can help you
Do-it-yourself packaging ideas
E-magazine hybrid provides effective packaging and protection
Duplicating disks quickly and economically
Instruction manuals and booklets

9 - Guard and nurture your intellectual property rights

Test cases
Windfalls and pitfalls
It's not a perfect world
Plagiarism in science and academia
The international scene
Corporate licensing
Be cautious, but not obsessive

10 - The e-book of your life

Electronic diaries
Therapeutic benefits
Creating family chronicles
Tap into your expertise as well as your experiences

11 - Publishing poetry and drama as multimedia

Poetry in multimedia and on-line
Shakespeare goes multimedia
"Better brain rewards than drugs"

12 - Opportunities for photographers, artists, and musicians

Achieving creative satisfaction
Selecting software appropriate to artistic talent
Photographers have a digital medium perfect for their needs
Turn quality problems into creative opportunities

13 - Electronic fiction

Science fiction flourishes on-line
Mass-market fiction
Interactive novels establish a new genre
Games as a new medium for fiction writers
Eliminating the out-of-print problem

14 - Writing tips, tricks, and techniques

Keep it simple
Entertain as well as inform
Practical tools for writers

15 - Good news for disabled writers and readers

Literacy considerations for the blind and vision-impaired
Help for the hearing impaired

16 - Scanning & compression

Reducing the hassles in OCR and scanning
Scanners differ greatly in their capabilities
Capturing screen images
Compression is essential, but can be problematical
Beware of viruses

17 - Writing and publishing rewards beyond money

The need to be published
Self-publishing is not inferior
Writers have more control-and more responsibilities
Expanding creative opportunities
"The high-tech advantage"

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