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Here, on the Being Digital Cyberdock, you and your fellow readers are invited to talk to each other and comment on aspects of "evolving digitally", as well as suggest new editorial or commercial links to be added to this site.

Ever since the online edition was published on the OBS server in the spring of 1995, we have received many interesting comments from readers all over the world. Their ideas help the online publication stay alive and current. We have recently revised the forum to make it easier for readers to post their contributions to our Cyberdock. Thanks to all who participate!

This site belongs to the readers and writers who visit here. The author, Nicholas Negroponte, contributed the original ideas that started these discussions and he may participate as he wills. Open Book Systems (OBS) developed the site and enables the visitors to talk to one another, and the publisher A. Knopf, Inc., allows its materials to be published in this way, a "marketing front end" for the printed book. But none of these three parties can take responsibility for third-party material in the discussion forum section of this web site. That responsibility lies with the readers and writers who make the site talk.

Individual postings will stay live at the discretion of the the OBS Management. If you have specific criticisms about people or places, please try to contact them directly by email or other means. Enjoy each other's company!

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