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by Nicholas Negroponte

Selected Bits

Introduction: The Paradox of a Book

Part One: Bits Are Bits
1: The DNA of Information
2: Debunking Bandwidth
3: Bitcasting
4: The Bit Police
5: Commingled Bits
6: The Bit Business

Part Two: Interface
7: Where People and Bits Meet
8: Graphical Persona
9: 20/20 VR 116
10: Looking and Feeling
11: Can We Talk About This?
12: Less Is More

Part Three: Digital Life
13: The Post-Information Age
14: Prime Time Is My Time
15: Good Connections
16: Hard Fun
17: Digital Fables and Foibles
18: The New E-xpressionists

Epilogue: An Age of Optimism

Beyond the Epilogue:

Thanks to the permission of the author and of the WiReD magazine, we will append Nicholas Negroponte's monthly columns first published on paper in WiReD and online in HotWired to the OBS "Being Digital" Cyberdock, so as to enable the online book to evolve and stay up-to-date:

January, 1997: Updated List of Columns, with a brief summary, by Gérard Martin New!

December, 1996: Laptop Envy
November, 1996: The Digital Absence of Localism
October, 1996: Electronic Word of Mouth
September, 1996: The Future of Phone Companies
August, 1996: Where am I?
July, 1996: Object-Oriented Television
June, 1996: The Next Billion Users
May, 1996: Caught Browsing Again
April, 1996: Affective Computing
March, 1996: Pluralistic, Not Imperialistic
February, 1996: The Future of the Book
January, 1996: Where Do New Ideas Come From?
December, 1995: Wearable Computing
November, 1995: Being Decimal
November, 1995: "Being Nicholas", the Wired Interview by Thomas A. Bass
October, 1995: 2020: The Fiber-Coax Legacy
September, 1995: Get a Life?
August, 1995: Bit by Bit, Pcs Are Becoming Tvs. Or Is It the Other Way Around?
July, 1995: Affordable Computing
June, 1995: Digital Videodiscs: Either Format Is Wrong

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