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by Nicholas Negroponte

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  • New! "Being Digital" has been translated in many other languages. You can read short Internet presentations of the paper book and its topics in German, Italian, and Portuguese (Brazilian).

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    Visit the MIT Media Lab and MIT:

    More about Agents, the digital "British butler[s]":

    Virtual Reality Sites:

    Everybody Uses Email! Look at This Example of Asynchronous Communications via the WWW:

    On-Demand Information: Newspapers, Video, Television

    The Call of the Modem:

    The Topology of a Shrinking Planet:

    Teaching Disabled, Learning Enabled:

    Intelligent Machines, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence:

    Wearable Media:

    Bits and Mortar: The Smart House

    Smart Cars:

    The New E-xpressionists:

    What Do Other Authors Say about Living, Reading, Writing, and Working in the Electronic Age?

    Other Relevant Sites:

    Readers talk back

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