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We appreciate hearing from you and welcome your email to: The Online BookStore (OBS) offers to the Internet public electronic versions of current books. Since 1992, we have established working business models for publishing on the Internet, and paying royalties to authors and electronic rights holders for the titles we make available online. Readers can freely browse catalogs and sample presentations--texts, pictures, and videos--then decide what to buy. We offer electronic books, and disk-based and paper books as well. The OBS can clear credit cards online, or take the orders by conventional means such as phone and fax. The OBS respects the privacy of our readers; we treat ordering information with the strictest confidence and will not sell or otherwise share this confidential information. In turn, we ask our readers to respect the copyright notices on OBS titles and refrain from unlawful copying and redistribution of OBS files.

What's New At The OBS:

Online publications featured in November 1994

The Osiris Project,
by Colin Haynes and Dr. M.A. Gillman (Nomad Press International, 1994).
An interactive, hypertext project concerning that most ancient of mortal concerns: Death. Author of a number of computer titles and, most recently, Paperless Publishing (McGraw-Hill, 1994), Haynes has set an extraordinary goal with the Osiris Project-- to gather enough Near Death Experiences (NDEs) from online readers to enable him to develop software previewing Death. Freely-browsable full-text publication presented in Mosaic. Purchase this project on diskette for $4.95 including shipping and handling.

McGraw-Hill Professional Book Group Home Page
Continually at the forefront of new technology, McGraw-Hill has been expanding its publishing program into interactive online areas. A kintetic publication itself, this new Home Page is a starting point for browsing the customized McGraw-Hill titles at the OBS, as well as a base for exploring McGraw-Hill's offerings elsewhere on the Internet. McGraw-Hill publications currently presented at the OBS include:
     Paperless Publishing by Colin Haynes
     The Internet for Everyone by Richard W. Wiggins
     1995 Job Hotline Directory by Marcia P. Williams and Sue A. Cubbage.


Current anonymous ftp site for Mosaic application software is NCSA Mosaic Home Page

Mosaic is both a browser and a distributed publishing program developed by NCSA at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign and is available for free on the Net. The OBS Mosaic versions of books effectively point to resources outside of themselves on the WorldWideWeb (a globally hyperlinked environment). The printed book, a familiar two-dimensional document contained within the borders of its covers, herewith becomes a multi- dimensional experience.

Mosaic files are coded in HTML (HyperText Markup Language), and the internal links allow the user to access the book in a nonlinear way, linking from the front- and backmatter of the book (the table of contents or the index) to the text of the book itself. These internal links are supplemented by external links, pointing outside of the book to relevant text, graphics, video, and other kinetic links. Kinetic links include gopher, telnet, and email links to people and places around the Net.

If you have a Net connection which allows you to run Mosaic on the WorldWideWeb, you can purchase and use OBS Mosaic books. The Internet is an everchanging environment, and distributed publishing is by definition kinetic publishing, meaning the links may change over time. Purchasers of the Mosaic versions of OBS books should contact us periodically for updated links.

Publication of books in Mosaic at the OBS is a first step into a new realm of publishing -- kinetic, online publishing. It utilizes publicly available publishing tools (which are evolving) as well as the distributed worldwide network of networks, the Internet, which itself is evolving. In purchasing these HTML files, you become a participant in distributed publishing worldwide, and we welcome your responses and suggestions for new links.

Information That Wants To Be Free

ABC's of the Publishing URLs,
Created by OBS, suggestions welcome.
Format: Mosaic

Best Sellers--The New York Times Book Review
Updated weekly.
Formats: Mosaic and ASCII

FAQS for K-12 Educators
Format: ASCII

Laura Fillmore,
Online Publishing: Threat or Menace?
Internet Publishing: How We Must Think
Distributed Publishing: The Ingenuity of Multilinear Thought
Slaves of a New Machine: Exploring the For Free/For Pay Conundrum
Internet Publishing in a Borderless Environment:Bookworms to Butterflies
Formats: Mosaic and ASCII

Christine Maxwell and Czeslaw Jan Grycz,
A Whimsical Tour of the Internet A hotlinked freely-browsable presentation, excerpted from The New Riders' Official Internet Yellow Pages
(New Riders Publishing, 1994).
Format: Mosaic

Ted Nelson,
World Enough: The Manuscript Edition (Mindful Press, 1993)
Sample pages from the autobiography of the widely-known interactive media pioneer who coined the terms "hypertext," "hypermedia," and "dildonics," and who is also the founder of the Project Xanadu.
Formats: Mosaic and ASCII

Gregory J. E. Rawlins,
The New Publishing: Technology's Impact on the Publishing Industry Over the Next Decade
Format: Postscript, 171K

Charles Spurgeon,
Guide to Ethernet
Format: Postscript, 108K
Guide to Ethernet Configuration
Format: Postscript, 81K

Publishers' Catalogs

The OBS has introduced an interactive catalog feature that enables reader to browse the latest catalogs from OBS publishers and booksellers, select titles, and place orders for bound books with immediate credit card verification. For information about getting your catalog online, contact the OBS.

Current Catalogs:

Globe Pequot Press Catalog
Browse descriptions and order from this extensive selection of over 340(!) books on domestic and international travel, outdoor recreation, personal business, and gardening.
Format: gopher interactive catalog.
For sale: paperbound versions of all titles, including multi-pack options for retail booksellers.

Henry Holt & Co. Home Page, offering:

Miguel Algarin and Bob Holman, ed.,
Aloud: Voices from the Nuyorican Poets Cafe (1994)
Free online serial releases from this award-winning collection of poetry.
Format: Mosaic
For sale: hardcover, $34.50 includes s/h; paperback, $19.45 includes s/h.

Christopher Manson,
Maze (1985)
An interactive nonsequential puzzle book. Freely-browsable complete text and graphics.
Format: Mosaic
For sale: paperback, $12.45 includes s/h.

Bryan Pfaffenberger,
Mosaic User's Guide (MIS: Press, 1994)
Free sample of one of the first trade computer titles about the popular WorldWideWeb browser.
Format: Mosaic
For sale: paperback, $31.45 includes s/h.

Pondaray Enterprises,
Global Rarities Notecards Catalog.

A graphic presentation of writing cards and gift stationery featuring rare images from environments worldwide.
Format: Mosaic and gopher.
For sale: 10-card units, $17.40; assorted gift sets $18.90, including shippping and handling.

Fiction Titles

(alpha by author) John Ashbery,
Flow Chart, a poem (Alfred A. Knopf, 1992)
Format: ASCII, 370K
For sale: e-text, $5.00
Lyrics from Selected Poems and Hotel Lautremont (Penguin Books, 1986 and Alfred A. Knopf, 1992)
Format: ASCII
For sale: e-text, $5.00

Paulina Borsook,
Virtual Romance
Format: ASCII
For sale: e-text $5.00

Lewis Carroll,
The Complete Annotated Alice
Introduction and Notes by Martin Gardner.
Format: Voyager Expanded Book, Mac only, 1.3MB
For sale: e-text, $19.95

Robert Coover,
Pricksongs & Descants, stories (Plume 1970)
Format: ASCII, 442K
For sale: e-text, $5.00
Selected short fiction (Various publishers)
Format: ASCII
For sale: e-text, $5.00

Richard Dooling,
White Man's Grave (Farrar, Straus and Giroux 1994)
Free excerpt available for downloading.
Format: ASCII
For sale: hardcover, $26.50 includes s/h.

Gardener Dozois (ed),
The Year's Best Science Fiction
Format: Voyager Expanded Book, Mac only
For sale: e-text, $19.95

William Gibson,
Virtual Light
Format: Voyager Expanded Book, Mac only
For sale: e-text, $19.95

Floyd Kemske
Ongoing Fiction Editing Project--Floyd Kemske (Catbird Press, 1994)
Underlining the notion that Internet publishing is about process, not product, Catbird Press shares with the Internet community the private creative work of editing a new vampire/business novel, and invites readers to join in this unique open project. Subsequent drafts and the editor's comments are posted simultaneously and interlinked in Mosaic.
Format: Mosaic and ASCII

Stephen King,
Umney's Last Case, a story (Viking/Penguin 1993)
Formats: Voyager Expanded Book, Mac or DOS, 425K; also in ASCII, 110K
For sale: e-text, $5.00

Madeleine L'Engle,
Wrinkle in Time Trilogy
(A Wrinkle in Time, A Wind in the Door, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, Many Waters)
Format: Voyager Expanded Book, Mac only
For sale: e-text, $24.95

Nonfiction Titles

(alpha by author)

Ashton Applewhite, William Evans III, and Andrew Frothingham,
And I Quote
Format: Voyager Expanded Book, Mac only
For sale: e-text, $19.95

Dianne Brinson and Mark Radcliffe
Multimedia Law Handbook (Ladera Press 1994)
Formats: (Chapters 1-14) 121KB.tar.Z or, ASCII
For sale: e-text, Chapters 1-14, $30.00
For sale: paperback, Chapers 1-19 & Appendices, $49.95, after purchasing e-text Chapters 1-14 .
For sale: paperback, Chapers 1-19 & Appendices, $79.95, without purchasing e-text Chapters 1-14 .

Adrian Butash,
Bless This Food: Amazing Graces in Thanks for Food (Delacorte Press 1993)
Freely-browsable excerpt of this full-text distributed publication, featuring links to numerous Internet sites.
Format: Mosaic
For sale: e-text (full) $25.00.

Bernice Chesler,
Bernice Chesler's Bed & Breakfast in the Mid-Atlantic States (third edition) (Globe Pequot Press 1993)
Free excerpts available for downloading. Format: ASCII.
For sale: paperbound book, through OBS's Globe Pequot Press Catalog
Bernice Chesler's Bed & Breakfast in New England (fourth edition)(Globe Pequot Press 1994)
Freely-browsable selection, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, featuring hot links to Internet sites.
Formats: Mosaic and ASCII. For sale: paperbound book, through OBS's Globe Pequot Press Catalog

FreeRange Media,
Information Superhighway: Understanding and Using the Internet--A Step-by-step Guide Video (1994). A comprehensive multimedia approach to learning about the Internet. Free preview. Format: .mpg
For sale: video, $16.95 , includes s/h (25% off list! Continental U.S. only)
For sale: video *and* The Internet Companion (second edition), $25.00, includes s/h (25% off list! U.S. only)

James Gleick,
Genius: The Life and Science of Richard Feynman
Format: Voyager Expanded Book, Mac only, 1.3MB
For sale: e-text, $19.95

Colin Haynes,
Paperless Publishing (McGraw-Hill, 1994).
The first and only complete guide to publishing straight from your computer for minimal cost. Freely-browsable complete text, with a distributed version in Mosaic highlighting specific niche markets.
Formats: Mosaic and ASCII
For sale: paperback with publishing software diskette included: $27.95, includes s/h.

Joyce Lain Kennedy and Thomas J. Morrow,
Electronic Job Search Revolution (John Wiley & Sons 1994)
Electronic Resume Revolution (John Wiley & Sons 1994)
Free excerpts available for downloading.
Formats: in Mosaic and ASCII
For sale: paperbacks, $16.45 each, includes s/h.

Peter D. Kramer,
Listening to Prozac,
Format: Voyager Expanded Book, Mac only
For sale: e-text, $19.95

Tracy LaQuey
The Internet Companion: A Beginner's Guide to Global Networking (second edition) (Addison-Wesley 1994)
The new updated edition of the leading beginner's Internet title. Covers many new Internet topics. Simultaneous online serial release as a free, distributed publishing project. Format: Mosaic
For sale: paperback, $10.95, includes s/h (a $5.00 savings! Continental U.S. only).
For sale: paperback *Plus* edition, with InterNav connection software by Delphi, $16.95, includes s/h (a $5.00 savings! Continental U.S. only).

Tracy LaQuey with Jeanne C. Ryer
The Internet Companion: A Beginner's Guide to Global Networking (first edition) (Addison-Wesley 1992)
Format: Voyager Expanded Book, Mac only, 1.7MB
For sale: e-text, $29.95.

Frederik Leboyer,
Birth Without Violence (Editions du Seuil 1974)
Format: ASCII
For sale: e-text, $5.00

Harry Maurer,
Sex: An Oral History (Viking/Penguin 1994)
Format: Voyager Expanded Book, Mac only, 1.6MB
For sale: e-text, $19.95

Christine Maxwell and Czeslaw Jan Grycz,
The New Riders' Official Internet Yellow Pages (New Riders Publishing, 1994)
Freely-browsable excerpts, including the hotlinked Mosaic presentation of A Whimsical Tour of the Internet.
Formats: Mosaic and ASCII
For sale: paperback, $34.45 includes s/h.

Middle East Magazine Limited Partnership,
The New Middle East Magazine, October 1994 issue (demo), published by Hanna Siniora and Chaim Shur.
The first collaborative publishing venture--in the form of a monthly magazine--between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Free full-text distributed publishing projected, featuring numerous interesting links to related Web sites.
Format: Mosaic
For sale: subscriptions to the paper version, 12 issues per year, $70.

Richard W. Wiggins,
The Internet for Everyone: A Guide for Users and Providers (McGraw Hill 1994)
Freely browsable execerpts with numerous links to related Internet sites.
Formats: Mosaic and Postscript
For sale: paperback, $34.45 includes s/h; hardcover, $49.50 includes s/h.

Marcia P. Williams and Sue A. Cubbage,
The 1995 National Job Hotline Directory (McGraw-Hill, Inc., 1994)
Freely-browsable excerpts
Format: ASCII
For sale: paperback, $17.45 includes s/h.

BetaBooks Program

The OBS is happy to review book submissions for online publication at the OBS. At our electronic storefront on the Internet, shelf space is limitless, and many millions of readers worldwide can freely browse the OBS site. If people choose to read your thoughts, they can do so with privacy and ease, electronically. The OBS offers immediate credit card verification and billing services, so publishing your BetaBook with the OBS might mean a new source of income for you, which will enable you to write some more. For more information on BetaBooks, send your questions to

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