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Explore the Internet with Mosaic. A thorough introduction to the Internet's "killer application," Mosaic User's Guide is a definitive tutorial and lasting reference for the multimedia powerhouse that's at the crossroads of Internet's explosive growth. Mosaic is the exciting graphical user interface that browses the Internet's information resources through the hypertext environment of World Wide Web (WWW). This book thoroughly describes how to obtain, install, configure, and use NCSA Mosaic on all three platforms--Windows, Macintosh and XWindow. The multimedia players that extend and enhance Mosaic's capabilities are also covered. You'll learn how you can use Mosaic to browse the Web and navigate the Internet's extensive information resources, including Gopher menus, WAIS databases, FTP file archives, and Usenet newsgroups.

By focusing on the needs of the user, Mosaic User's Guide solves the frustrations of configuring the software for any platform by providing understandable, comprehensive directions. The Chameleon Sampler on the disk is a bonus for Windows users who need to install Mosaic, while Macintosh users receive instructions for locating free software on the Internet. Both groups of users can install the HOTURLS file on the disk which provides a selection of World Wide Web sites that you can easily visit. Easy-to-use icons for Windows, Macintosh, and XWindow, provide a quick reference to navigating Mosaic. This book is ideal for users who want to set up a dialup connection from their home, use the direct connection at the office, or do both. After you have connected and get up to speed, your will discover how to create your own Mosaic document by learning the basics of HTML and fashioning your own homepage. A demo of Maze, a challenging puzzle, is also included. This sample Mosaic document demonstrates the exciting possibilities of creating your own hypertext document. The full version of Maze as well as the sample hot list HOTURLs, taken from theMosaic User's Guide, can be accessed through the links listed below.