The Bill of Rights to the American Constitution: an International RFC

The Internet is an idea, the interoperability of computer networks worldwide, whose time has come. As an idea with its original implementation in the United States of America, the Internet constitutes a new kind of self-defining and self-sustaining export -- an export of thought which has no copyright and no pricetag. We see a precedent for this kind of export in the Bill of Rights.

In the evolving terminology of the Internet, an RFC is a Request for Comment, a document concerned with statements, definitions, research, or information on technical topics related to the development and use of the Internet. With this document, we use the term freely and give it an extended meaning: we invite Internauts from all over the world to comment on our inalienable rights to freedom, and use as the starting point of our discussion the Bill of Rights to the American Constitution.

We asked our Link Editor, a native of Romania, to translate the Bill of Rights into Romanian and posted it for other people speaking her language to read and comment upon. We invite other interested people on the Internet to translate it into their native tongues, as a first step on our long walk to freedom.

If you wish to provide a translation, please get in touch with us at

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