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The Cast of Characters, and list of image and sound files available for downloading from the Internet projection of this film:


Robert Merivel ~ Robert Downey, Jr JPG 28 KB
King Charles II ~ Sam Neill JPG 57 KB
John Pearce ~ David Thewlis JPG 22 KB
Celia Clemence ~ Polly Walker JPG 62 KB
Katharine ~ Meg Ryan JPG 45 KB
Elias Finn ~ Hugh Grant JPG 38 KB

Merivel Holds the Beating Heart JPG 26 KB
An Autopsy at Royal College Hospital JPG 31 KB
Merivel at Bidnold Manor JPG 60 KB
Merivel and Celia JPG 35 KB
Merivel Leaving Bidnold Manor JPG 52 KB
The Mad Dance Around the Tree JPG 76 KB
Quarantine JPG 42 KB
Plague Victims JPG 37 KB
The Cemetery JPG 55 KB
The Great Fire of London JPG 47 KB
Merivel in the Great Fire JPG 30 KB
The Midwife, Merivel, and Margaret JPG 26 KB


"Our King is restored to us..." WAV 364 KB

"Perhaps I was near a cure for her!..." WAV 176 KB

"You know, in Ireland a man with a horse..." WAV 165 KB

"Something has arrived, Merivel..." WAV 239 KB

"For all our inmates, there was a time before..." WAV 839 KB


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