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Participation in the Official

As the topic of Internet censorship began to boil, Open Book Systems (OBS) stepped to the forefront in Janurary, 1996 by providing a forum for addressing the questions of censorship and free expression on the Net. OBS held an official From Dusk Till Dawn Site Contest inviting the use of the free and open resources of the Internet: for Tarantino fans, it was a chance to strut their electronic and intellectual stuff; for censorship proponents and opponents, it was a chance to present their case.

The sites were judged during a "frozen" moment of Net time on Valentine's Day -- since then, some sites have transformed dramatically; others have vanished into darkness. Sites entered were judged on "Truest Application of Style" and the "Best Approach to the Topic of New Censorship." Judging of content and creativity was completely subjective, and the determination of the winner by Dimension Films was final.

Amongst stiff competition, the Judges found excellent and unique goodies at many sites. The winner, Breakdown Central's From Dusk Till Dawn Page, was finally picked by Dimension Films for its overall strength in combined content and design. In the true spirit of vampirism on the Net, its creator took and feasted on material from a variety of resources. Sometime after the contest ended, that site died and was nowhere to be found. But the site has resurfaced with a new name, a new URL and and new look-- one quite different than what it was on judgment day. Some of these sites, like the movie itself, have taken on lives of their own.

Thanks to all the creators of the From Dusk Till Dawn sites who entered our contest!

Note: While this page used to point to over a dozen different entrants' sites (including the winner's), over the course of the last two years all have slipped off into the night — except this one lone site:


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