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Sani-Synopsis of From Dusk Till Dawn

QTFrom Dusk Till DawnGeorge Clooney

Golly, wouldn't you know it, first stop in a motel after all those nights crammed into their RV, and here come a couple of rotten crooks to spoil the whole vacation! Jacob can take it though. He can take anything those bums dish out. Being a minister all those years made him tough. And sure as shootin' there's no one who knows what "tough" means till you try and raise kids these days!

Little Katie, cute as a button. And Scotty, always did love that son of a buck, even if he was adopted. Vacation? They'd earned it. Heading South was the best thing Jacob could do for his family, now that there were just the three of them. After the tragedy of losing his wife, what else could go wrong for the poor guy? Plenty.

Mix Jacob and his brood with those madcap crooks and a couple of footloose strangers at the Kiddie Twister Saloon, throw in some vampire bats for good measure, and you've got one heckuva brouhaha that will make your sides ache laughing "From Dusk Till Dawn."


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