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Mexican Mythology and Architecture

It may not be immediately obvious why we place these URLs with the sani-links, because they point to tales of violence, human sacrifice, and what to some may appear to be twisted family relationships. But such histories and myths come to us safely couched in the past--through broken artifacts and mutable memories--recorded, controllable and eminently censor-able. We can play tourist, though, forget about the blood and the sacrifice, and just have fun in the sun, visiting these historic sites! These link topics are introduced only in the movie currently playing in movie theaters near you--they do not appear in the film script or the official excerpts! Mexican pyramids tie into the very last shot of the movie (as well as offer new meaning to Santanico's snake dance--which does not appear in the sani-version) and help contextualize the violent background of the movie itself. The pyramids pointed to in these links also make capital tourist sites for a family heading through Mexico in an RV ;-) !

Family Vacations in Mexico:

Family Vacations in Recreational Vehicles:

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