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8/15/96 from K. K.:

Bravo! This film was fantastic. I thought RDJ was outstanding...brilliant..and matured to his character. The film also included another fantastic actor Meg Ryan. I was sorry to see it did not win more aawards as it was so deserving. The story line, costumes, scenery and actors were superb. I look forward to seeing several times.

2/23/96 from Joe G.:

Well, folks, the Miramax Café paid off with at least ONE ticket! I went online with the M.C. Wednesday night, read the blurb about Restoration (which I'd seen in the movie ads, but didn't know anything about) and last night went to see it. Great movie. I likely would not have gone to see it, but for the writeup in Miramax Café. I'm in the process of going through the internet connectivity, which is great background.

The Miramax Café is a great service that I plan to use.

1/31/96 From Lisa D.:

Wow! What a great site! You've really hit the balance between entertainment and education, and the design of your site is beautiful as well. Congratulations! I've been waiting for "Restoration" to come out for a LONG time. Now I can get some background while I'm waiting.


Microsoft® Cinemania® Restoration Movie Review
" often brilliant evocation of time and place....blessed by contemporary relevance that doesn't compromise its vivid authenticity..."

Online Movie Guide at the Route 66 Los Angeles Webstation
"...its spectacular look and feel and Robert Downey Jr.'s appealing lead performance lead to a largely entertaining film."

Chicago Sun-Times -- Roger Ebert
"...the most enchanting is simply the lust with which it depicts a bold and colorful era in history...never before have I seen such a riotous depiction of period London..."
"...a rambunctious movie that immediately dispenses with the stiffness of historical epics...with a goofy informality..."

Costumes, Comedy, and a Transformative Parable at Mr. Showbiz
"...a hip period piece....there is plenty of melodrama and visual splendor, but it also has a sense of fun: it's naughty, sexy, and hilariously silly in places."


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