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Date: 26 February 1997

... the greatest movie ever done after natural born killers

Date: 20 February, 1997
From: Rafael Paredes

Good job. This is a great web site. Perfect!

Date: 13 February 1997
From: Tony Petrilla

From dusk till dawn was one of Quentin Tarantino's best films. I am a huge fan of his, seeing Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, True Romance, Natural Born Killers, Four Rooms, and of course From Dusk Till Dawn. I have purchased all of these movies (even Destiny Turns on The Radio) and can't do any justice to the name Quentin Tarantino just by writing about him. HE IS GOD!!!The only film I havent seen yet is Curdled which I will see hopefully soon. Censorship is for the wicked. If censorship was to be constant then we could not even watch the world news. Things happen and Quentin is just trying to tell his version and people are denying his basic rights as a person. I think ratings do all the censoring we need. Thanx for listening.

Date: 31 January, 1997
From: Sammi Needham

From Dusk till Dawn is one of the best movies that i have ever seen i had it on video for 2 days and watched it seven times. The editing and direction of Rodriguez (or how ever you spell it!) gave the movie pace and an entertaining and technically brilliant style! Tarantino's satire of "I was in Nam", hurled me into hysterics. A truly amazing piece of film.

O.k ramblers, lets get ramblin'

Date: 03 January, 1997
From: kat

Just wanted to say that I know a lot of people have been saying that this film is rubbish. All I can say to them in reply is that this is therefore the most well written, fantastically acted, well choreographed and all round brilliant piece of rubbish I have seen in ages.

From: Crystal P.

This message is in response to Becky's view on "From Dusk 'Till Dawn",and anyone who thinks she may have a point! Becky claims her 18yr.old daughter came home in tears after seeing this movie, and she feels "We" need to start taking responsibility for the movies "We" release to the public. HELLO?! Isn't that what "We" are doing when "We" print reviews and "We" rate the movies? When do the "Movie goers", like Becky's daughter take responsibility for the movies "They" decide to see? #1 She "Chose" to see the movie( whether or not she 1st. looked into if it was a movie she would enjoy), #2 At anytime she had the "Choice" to walk out and ask for her money back(I know for a fact theaters will reimburse you with money or a free pass), and #3 She "Chose" not to take responsibility for making up her own mind to see this movie, when she went home to cry about it . Why should the "We" who know what we want to see be censored because of the "They" who dont have enough sense to do it for themselves? Becky is right,"We" and They, "All" of us need to take responsibility for ourselves, not to decide for each other!

Fight Ignorance, Fight Censorship!

Cristal P.

Date: 30 January, 1997
From: Dario Manzoni

Hi, finally this film made it's way to Italy, I saw it last week, and if there is the possibility (you know, work) I will go to see it again. I never heard of this film before I entered in the cinema (because recently I've not much spare time) and there were many boys and girls around, so I didn't see the posters out of the cinema. I sat and watched it.........break, second part.......WOW!

Almost the BEST FILM I've seen this YEAR!! Good script, wonderful actors acting VERY WELL, incredible songs and atmosphere, and, last but not least, the omnipresent humor.

I've read the letters on the forum and I must add an opinion: I saw the movie, and also the R (over 18) rating, but I have not found the thing SO violent at all! Not more violent that many news on TV! Every day we see on these little screens violence scenes that are REAL! It's not fiction, it's reality! I live in Trieste, a city that is only 3Km from the Yugoslavian border and seeing all that warships in the harbor and the airplanes it's MUCH more scaring that a Vampire or an hole in a hand...

I think that censure is one of the worst things that can happen. WHO can put himself in the position to tell WHAT a man (or a woman obv.) should HEAR, SEE or READ!? Don't be ridicolous! NOONE can do this! NOONE has the right! One can suggest me what to do, but I want to make myself the decisions!

Many compliments to all the cast and the crew, that made a wonderful work producing a really cool movie.

Ps: Excuse me for my bad english....

Yours Sincerely,

Dario Manzoni, Team AMIGA

Date: 30 November, 1997
From: Julio Pastor

Verdaderamente no existe ninguna ley que impida a los retrasados mentales servir en un bar, como tampoco la hay para que rodriguez haga peliculas tan malas como esta. Ņdonde esta el rodriguez de El Mariachi? Lo siento, Robert, para mi has bajado muchos puntos con este dialogo al comienzo de la pelicula.
ISF, CondeCero, Valencia

Date: 17 November 1997

Censorship is supposed to keep adult oriented material from children, not from consenting adults. Being an adult should be enough for me to be able to choose what I see.

Date: 14 November 1997
From: Brad Ruhle

I had a great time when I saw "From Dusk Till Dawn". I can understand the argument to ban it from the internet. I understand that the side believing it should be banned is trying to protect their children, but that won't work. Just turning off the TV or the internet won't work either. Mass culture is EVERYWHERE, and sooner or later, a child will be able to get access to the content of a movie like "From Dusk Till Dawn".

If our children are constantly bombarded with the kind of material in "From Dusk Till Dawn", it will influence their children. But there is a solution to it. IT'S UP TO PARENTS TO TALK TO THEIR CHILDREN ABOUT QUESTIONABLE CONTENT!! They should monitor what their children are looking at on the internet, and talk about it. This also goes for movies and television shows. Parents need to teach their children right from wrong. It is not the job of the internet or Quentin Tarantino to raise children. IT'S A PARENT'S JOB. That's what happened to me as a child. I'm now 30, and I enjoy a violent motion picture when it's done right. ("From Dusk Till Dawn" was done right.) But that doesn't make me a bad person, does it?

Date: 01 October, 1997
From: Wolf Siebert

Maybe it gets time for people to think a little more closely what censorship means. Censorship is a government imposed law as to what is to be displayed in public and what not, am I correct, or am I incorrect? WRONG!!!!!!!! Censorship these days is trying to keep little kids from watching what their parents are watching. Fact is, not a whole lot of adults (in their right minds) would be lured into aggressive action after they watch a movie such as "From Dusk Till Dawn" or "Pulp Fiction." Now with "Clockwork Orange," "Reservoir Dogs," or "Natural Born Killers" I'm not quiet so sure.

My point is that censorship would NOT be an issue if the consumer, that's you, would be more responsible about what and HOW they watch. Let's show those fellows calling for censorship that we can do it ourselves, that parents can watch out for their kids. Don't always blame us, the media, for EVERY abuse of our products. Would you sue Ford only because you killed somebody while driving a Mustang drunk????

Folks, let's get back on the carpet and work this out TOGEHTER. There are other countries, where there is more sex and violence on TV, and less on the street. DON'T tell me it's because people in other countries are so much "better" than Americans!!!!!

Please feel free to e-mail your thoughts to the adresses below.

Wolf Siebert

Director, Editor, Producer
Wolf Production or

Date 03 September, 1996

Why use ineffective sprays..... hit 'em with a 12 gauge.

Thanks Quentin... great movie.

My name is Greg Libby and I love this movie! I have seen it about 25 times (I'm Not exagerating!) I know practically evere line from every person! I'm looking for information how to get all parafanalia from this movie! C-Ya

Date: 08 August 1996
From: Omar Guerra

I think that "From Dusk till Dawn" is probably one of the best if not the best Horror/Action flick since the "Lost Boys". At first I thought it was not going to be as good as "Desperado" or "El Mariachi", but after I saw it with my Dad and my friends at the movies I was surely convinced. What I liked about the movie was the first half was like a typical Quentin Tarantino movie in which the family was kidnapped by two outlaw brothers. The second half of the movie was like "Desperado" goes to hell. The special effects were the best I have probably ever seen in a movie with the exception of "Terminator 2: Judgment Day". The ending was suspensful.

Date: 31 July 1996
From: Kevin LaVoy

I have been listening to arguements from both sides about censorship for some time now. On one side I hear people like Bob Dole and my Parents who say that movies like Dusk till Dawn are a bad influence and must be censored before they ruin alot of young peoples minds. On the other side are people like Quentin Tarantino who say,"..tell the truth..." Actually when I think about it there are four sides. There are also people like Krist Noviselic who, right or wrong, say we must not censore purely in the interest of protecting our rights. The last group is made up of so called "rebels." This group is mainly made up of delinquints, college students and "gansta" rappers who merely wish to see how far they can push the envelope before they start pissing people off. It is my personal belief that only the points of this last group should be completely disregarded. It is irresponsible, and counterproductive. It is done only for attention. The kind of adult respect they desire is not given for the total negative attitude they display.

However the arguements of the other three warrant sutdy. The first group is right. The kind of careless disrespect that is shown for the first ammendment HAS precipitated much of the behaviour shown by the last group. Promiscuity, curse words and the like in the entertainment industry have influenced alot of young minds for the worse. They are a reminder of our moral obligations. It is a parent's right and duty to protect their children from what they consider to be bad influences. And futhermore...they should.

The second group is right also. It is the duty of a writer, musician, or artist to tell the truth. Throughout history writers have been the conscience of society (Kurt Tucholsky, and Kurt Vonnegut to name two). And we need these constant reminders about the diection that society is taking, lest we stray, and slowly devolve.

The arguements of the third group are also important though because they remind us of the guidelines that were set down for us, and that those guidelines were paid for in the blood of mankind. Our foundinng fathers knew that to have a long-lasting democracy, all must have a voice, and none should be repressed. They remind us that the Constitution, with the Bible as a model, is the law of the land.

And lastly I come to me. Where do I fit into all of this? I wish to serve as a middle ground. You see, I agree with all three sides. They are like our government, in that they are needed to check on each other and keep each other honest. The first amendment must stand. It protects us from our government. Writers must stand. They protect us from ourselves. And the moral code that we should all strive to live by must stand. It protects us form our nature as humans. So I say to you parents, clergy, and those who would censore: remember that the first amendment was put there in large part to protect our freedom of speech. To writers, and those who wish that the truth be known: remember why oyu write and don't use it merely to shock or gain noteriety. You are perhaps the most powerful of the three groups. Do only what is necessary,for anything more would be untruthful. And to the last: the first group is there not to torment you, but to remind oyu that the Constitution is based on the Bible. The Bible says to do not necessarily what is cool, but to do what is right. " know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived...this is to have succeeded."

Date: 30 July 1996
From: Bjorn Fahller

Another good way of challenging the communications decency act, is to store the "indecent" pages on a machine in another country, and just have links to them, as usual.

Date: 26 July 1996
From: Amran Jomohat

Hi, my name is Shafei and i am writing from Singapore. I caught this movie 2 months back and was trully disgusted. The reason: it was heavily censored!!! Most of the killing scenes and the beautiful language were cut. They did all this so that it could be reduced to PG rating and will attract more people. I hope you can tell me when will the movie be available and if it possible to purchase the laserdisc from USA. Even the laserdiscs here are censored(piss off)!!!! Or at least, name me some web sites where I can purchase it when it is released. thanks and bye.

Date: 15 July 1996
From: Thomas & Harald Schmid

This movie is FANTASTIC. Thatęs at the moment my MOSTLIKE Film.

The only thing, that I donęt like, is that I canęt see the movie in full length. I have read in a German Magazine (MOVIE-STAR) it goes 117 min; but here in Germany it goes 107 min. They cut 10 Minutes of the Movie.

I hope, I can see at the Fantasy Filmfestival in Munich the uncut version.

Date: 7 June 96
From: Ian Waller

To whom it may concern,

There is only one way to describe this film..........PERFECT!!

George Clooney provided an amazing performance, this WILL be the beginning of a much celebrated film career!

More please..........


Ian Waller

Date: 3 June 96
From: Luke

Alright, I have to say all this business with internet censorship is really choking up my cardio-vascular system. Stop your non-sense! Let them show what's in the f*****g film, then you won't have people going to the movies not knowing what they're up for! Becky's daughter (forum letter 21 Jan1996), and others who don't have the heart for such movies, would have then realised how grim the movie was going to be and would have avoided it. Becky's daughter's distress was caused by the censorship, not by the movie-makers.

Date: 14 May 96
From: Simon O'Connor

I would just like to point out that from "Dusk till Dawn" has been completely banned in this country, ie The Republic of Ireland, so I have no opportunity to make up my own mind as to the merit or non merit of the film. I find the notion that a single person (Ireland has but one independent film censor, Mr Seamus Smith) has the right to tell me what I can and cannot see for my own benefit, as though I were some idiot child incapable of any proper evaluation, or judgement of my own. Previous films banned by Mr Smith include, "The Bad Lietenant", "Whore", "A Clockwork Orange", "Reservoir Dogs" and more recently "Showgirls". That some of these films are tripe I would not care to argue, but surely people should be allowed to form their own opinions. Mr Smith is in his advanced middle years, one wonders how in touch with modern thought and society he really is.
How can anyone justify the denial of an adult access to the material of his or her choice on the grounds that it might be corrupting, where does this definition of corruption come from? Once again we see the moral minority hi-jacking the media to promote it's own interests and the politicians falling in line, behind the prospect of more votes on the family ticket. If it were ever put to a democratic vote, I would be very curious how many people would be prepared to admit that they are incable of making their own decisions and have an inability to view material from a detatched, rational perspective , yet how many are in favor of censorship which amounts to the same thing. A vote for censorship is a vote against democracy, a vote against freedom of thought and expression. It is a vote for uniformity, blandness, and Orwellian totalitarian control.

Date: 11 May 96
From: Bufo Marinus

I was impatiently expecting the premi*re of "From Dusk Till Dawn" in Brazil. The movie that united two of the best new talents on cinema: Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino.I know that they worked together before: Tarantino did a short role in "Desperado", the big budget reshoot/continuation of "El Mariachi", both directed by Rodriguez; and they were also together in "Four Rooms", a disappointment movie in four episodes, but each one directed a episode that the only connection was the character played by Tim Roth, a great actor, but who was completely lost doing a sub-JimCarrey type. Now they are really join forces, in a full lenght movie, Robert Rodriguez directing and Quentin Tarantino as screenwriter and actor. He is one of the fewest screenwriter who puts his trade-mark, and its overcome the ones lefted by actors, producers and director, the supreme mandatary of a movie. "True Romance" is pure Tarantino, you do not see the presence of topgunner Tony Scott. Director Oliver Stone had to completely deformate the original screenplay of "Natural Born Killers", so he could sign peacefully. The first half in "From Dusk Till Dawn" is dominated by the screenplay, the strong characters, unredemption violance and great, great dialogues. As an actor, Tarantino presence is also remarkable. He plays Richard Gecko, the violentest criminal brother, a upcoming dilacerating paranoiac, his best role in a movie. Coincidently or not, his character dies with the screenplay, when ends the Tarantino's movie and starts a Horror movie. From now on, the screenplay is just a amount of cliches, and the worse thing is that it don't even have a parody temper, is the simple common place. But thats the stuff that Horror movies are made of, and to escape mediocrioty, the only solution in the field of criative visual impact, as Sam Raimi did in "Evil Dead" or George Romero in "The Night Of The Living Dead". Robert Rodriguez does this task with an spectacular mestria. Alucinated camera movements, breathless edition (also done by Rodriguez) and strong visual gags, turns on the movie the same way that turned $7.000 (or say them) "El Mariachi" in a great movie. After surfing in a sea of pure horrorcore, heads exploding, melting bodies, scary mutations, the movie has a dry end. Maybe it would be better if the end was more dry, since few final dialogues are kind compelling.
The movie also has a great cast: Juliette Lewis, always great Harvey Keitel and surprising George Clooney. The Soundtrack is fantastic, and like "Pulp Fiction" and "Desperado" is an obligation to have it at home.

Date: May 6 96
From: Martin J

I cant wait for the Dusk till Dawn film to be released here in the UK so I can see waht all the fuss is about. Keep up the good work!

From Martin J

Date: 4 May 96
From: Jennifer Martin

excellent is all i have to say!:)

Date: 4 May 96
From: Jeannie Herrin

Thanks for standing up to those who would silence you. I think that censorship not only denies our rights as Americans, but denies our rights as human beings. No one can tell me what is right or proper for me to watch. No one should have that power. For those who believe in censorship I just want to say that no one makes you go into that theater. It's a choice you make of your own will. So don't complain about it after the fact. If you don't want to watch then don't. But please don't tell me that I can't. You are your own person, and I am mine. And I love horror films.

Date: 1 May 96
From: ugo greevy

From Dusk till Dawn has been banned in Ireland.

According to the censors the film is "irresponsible and totally gratuitous".

Mr Sheamus Smith (Head Censor) made the following statement:

"Somebody has to say stop to the extraordinary violence on the screen. I admire Harvey Kelitel and Quentin Tarantino, and I'm not saying everyone in Ireland would be affected by the film. But even if one person were affected, I wouldn't like to have it on my conscience"


Can you help me? is the film on video release yet in the states, is it possible to get a copy soon.

Please advise and spread the word CENSORSHIP MUST BE STOPPED.

Date: 24 April 96
From: jezus

I"would like to start this message by telling you the film is a huge succes in the netherlands. Me and my brother went to see it in amsterdam last saturday. There was a night off horror organised (this was the 13 time) there, we saw 4 movies and one of them was from dusk till dawn. And again it was a huge succes.

Date: 22 April 96
From: Belinda

from Alae poon

I have only just seen the movie today, despite the unthoughtful comments made by mostof the people about the film.I though it is actually one of the better films I have seen in this year.Not talking only about the violence and the "seducing" dancers. The whole movie do carry a special message. At the scene when the characters arrive to the vampire hideout, the place already give you a sinister and evil feeling. It signifies a place where all the bad and barbaric guys are, they have nothing on their mind other than causing destruction and violence.
As soon as you join this people( or place) it is very difficult to leave and cut the connections. The " biting by the vampires" signifies that even though some people can eventually can succed in escaping(although with a high price), some people do change to these " vampires"and join their meaningless lives in horror and cruelty.
This is my point of view only and I hope that from now on people that watches this film shouldn't have such " shallow thinking", to think about the real essence of the film.

Date: 9 April 96

I am an avid fan of the brilliantly written, acted, and directed film, "From Dusk Till' Dawn." I am beginning to get worried about where the film is. What I mean is that i've been looking all over the internet trying to find when this really cool movie is coming out on video. I've even gone to your "dusk" site, but there were no dates to be found. I'd really appreciate it if you would send me the dates of when Dusk is coming out on video, and home video. I can understand if you can't get an exact date. (If you can't, could you at least get it in the general ballpark, please?) I'm a dying fan........


Date: 22 Mar 96
From: William B.

Very glad it [the Decency Act] was passed. I'm getting used to the whining about "Free Speech" from the purveyors of smut. The Internet is America's showcase; we SHOULD clean it up.

Date: 10 Mar 1996
From: Stephen W.

I'd just like to congratulate you for your stand against censorship. Nuff said.

Date: 28 Feb 1996
From: eric w.

What I have to say will be breif. The possibility of there being any censorship whatsoever on the Internet worrys me greatly. The act of restricting information is authoritarian to put it bluntly all the dictators in past history used the restriction of information to their benefit. to commit wrongs without the knowledge of the people. This idea proves That the government is truly out of control and IT should be restricted not the internet.

Date: 16 Feb 1996
From: Herb
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Date: 11 Feb 1996
From: John M.

"From Dusk Till Dawn" (FDTD) has become one of my all time favorite flicks. I know, some consider this film shallow but I say too bad for them because they just don't get it. The sound track is great, George Clooney is a terrific new film presence, and, well, Salma Hayek's dance sequence has got to be one of the sexiest I've seen on the big screen. At first, it hard to find a moral bearing because the obvious primary protagonist, Mr. Clooney, seems to be nothing but a cold-hearted killer. However, on closer examination we find Seth's unwavering loyalty to his brother, Ritchie, is the problem. Reviewers continually consider films like this one a sign of the fall of civilization because the protagonists are "antiheroes". Wrong, again people who dislike the film did not pay enough attention to realize a major epiphany has taken place in Seth. Paraphrasing Seth ' God could kiss my ass. Well, I changed my lifetime tune about 30 minutes ago... And if there is a hell, ...there's got to be a heaven.' Then Seth proceeds to try to save Jacobs kids. Also, the film is so nonlinear in that film-goers can not guess events. People do not realize that we have watched so many movies that we subconsciously do not register Hollywoods' formulae and when a movie departs from them it disturbs us. The primary rule, I believe, is a child who becomes a main protagonist never gets killed but Scott, the youngest in FDTD, is, in fact, killed. Lastly, How could I obtain an address to send fan mail to Salma Hayek ?

Date: 07 Feb 1996
From: Jason K.

I don't get it. I am 17 yrs old and I can go legally see the movie. I can see NC-17 movies legaaly. But I can't get on to the WWW and look at what I have just seen on film? Come ON!!!

Date: 26 Jan 1996
From: matthew s.

i believe that censorship exists on the net because the government doesn't like all of the freedom it gives people and by using censorship as an excuse it can control what is said by its people.

Date: 21 Jan 1996
From: becky

My 18 year old daughter saw your movie last night and came home in tears. She said it was the most disgusting movie she has ever seen. She was horrified by the graphic scenes, so much so that she had trouble sleeping last night. She has seen quite a few movies, but says this was the absolute worst. What reason do you have for putting this trash on the screen? I think it's time that writers, producers or whoever shows some responsibility to the American public. You are desensitizing our youth to violence and sex. We both love ER, but my daughter says she never wants to see George Clooney again! I just wanted you to know how I feel about this, and hope you will take the time to listen.


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