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Austria on the Internet: OBS Selection of Sites

Welcome to Austria: General Information, Provinces, Culture, History, Events - WWW Pages Designed by AINS
Winter in Austria (Pictures & Videos)
Summer in Austria (Pictures & Videos)
The Austrian Constitution
Der Standard, the Independent Austrian Daily for Business, Politics, and Culture.
The Austrian Press and Information Service, Washington, DC.
The Austrian Cultural Institute, New York.

Austrian Libraries

Die Österreichische National Bibliothek / The Austrian National Library
University Libraries / Universitätsbibliotheken

Check also the Comprehensive List of Libraries and Catalogs in German at the University of Hannover, Germany: Bibliotheken, Buecher und Berichte / Libraries, Books, and Reports.

Home Pages of Austrian Universities

The University of Graz / Universität Graz
The Technical University of Graz / Technischen Universität Graz
School of Music and Performing Arts / Hochschule fuer Musik und darstellende Kunst, Graz
The University of Innsbruck / Universität Innsbruck
The University of Klagenfurt / Universität Klagenfurt
Montanuniversität Leoben
The University of Linz / Universität Linz
The University of Salzburg / Universität Salzburg
The University of Vienna / Universität Wien
The Technical University of Vienna / Technische Universität Wien
Universität fur Bodenkultur Wien

Museums / Art Institutions

The Museum of Modern Art of the Ludwig Wien Foundation / Museum Moderner Kunst der Ludwig Wien Stiftung

Europe's last and only privately owned Artist-Society's Exhibition Halls:
The Vienna Künstlerhaus
(do not miss the preview!)

Austrian Literature Sites

Literatur + Medien

Cafes, Sweets, Tradition

The Viennese Cafés: Sites for Intellectual Life
Would you like a Sacher-Torte?
About the History of the Hotel Sacher

The Viennese Language



More Information Servers in Austria
A (large!) Map of Austria

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