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Exploring New Terrain from

The Practical Guide
to Practically Everything


In the current age of information overload, its no wonder that you may be confused by all the conflicting stories in the media that appear to apply to you. The Practical Guide to Practically Everything by Peter W. Bernstein and Christopher Ma is a one-volume personal library that offers a better way of getting the facts you need to live safely, easily, inexpensively, and enjoyably in such complicated times. The book simplifies practically everything.

The complexity of every day life is even greater online. Online, the information traffic has been rerouted through your living room; the cacophony of sites, articles, facts, discussion groups, advertising and advice makes it impossible to get the accurate information you need, when you need it. No longer.

What the book does for practically everything, The Practical Guide Online does for Health and Travel. Of course, this is more than a book. This is an information booth, a living, breathing book. The site will grow and improve as it is used by the people who need the information and those who have the information. With plenty of links to other expert areas in the specific fields, an "Expert Sources" discussion forum, and tips from you--the users--about travel and health, the online Practical Guide will become a practical "Encyclomedia" to health and travel.

The Practical Guide To Practically Everything by Christopher Ma and Peter Bernstein is the result of culling experts in every field to guide the reader. The Practical Guide Online hopes to do the same thing by culling experts, user tips, and constantly updated information so that it will be the ultimate annual, online or anywhere. In order to accomplish this, we rely on input from the users; your questions, responses, suggestions, tips, and participation will help us form the site so that it can be the resource that we want it to be.

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