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"Marketing Online" by Marcia Yudkin

Message on October 13, 1995


Hey Marcia! I'm here!!!

Online schmoozing, hunh? I've done a lot of that for my newsletter MANIC MOMS "A humorous newsletter for crazed mothers." I don't hit people over the head with it, nor do I jump on a bbs without studying it, ie. lurking. Once I get a feel for the people and their interests, then I begin to participate in conversations. But even then I don't mention what I do until someone asks. Of course, I drop ENORMOUS hints like, "YOU would NOT believe what my 4-year-old did today. Made me nuts, but it will make a funny article." How's that for piqueing interest? Invariably someone will ask or volunteer their own frustration about parenting. I always offer a sample issue if they will send me a SASE. Sometimes people are too lazy to do that, but I've had a modicum of success that way. I have also found some excellent writers that way. Your page looks WONDERFUL and I'm downloading all the info that I can. Okay, okay, I'll buy the book, too!

Karen Spiegler/Editor of MANIC MOMS