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What Scholarly Publishing Today Is Saying About OBS

Scholarly Publishing Today, September/December 1994
"Publishers and the Internet"

"Christine Maxwell...noted that scholarly publishers are at an interesting point in the history of their industry, and she challenged them to embrace the Internet fully, saying that those who continue merely to dabble will lose the opportunity to have a real say in the evolution of Internet publishing.

"Laura Fillmore described two models of electronic publishing: (1) A 'contained' model which is simply translating a book to an electronic format on the Internet; and (2) a 'distributed' model in which a core of information is translated, and hypertext links are created to other resources on the Internet. This second model is a dynamic way of publishing that can use audio, video, mail and even live human beings to create a 'boundary-less' work.

"Laura described the traditional book as a bowl whereas publishing on the Internet is 'publishing in a colander.' There is no such thing as an online book-- it's an online thought store."

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