Created by Dee Landergren, June 11, 1994

The New Riders' Official Internet Yellow Pages

Presentation and Whimsical Tour

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A Whimsical Tour of the Internet

This is an interactive session with 'hot links' using ftp, finger, gopher, telnet, mailto, and http. Your success in navigating this tour will depend on the version and type of WWW client used.

To maximize the utility of this Whimsical Tour, and to inaugurate the publication of the New Riders' Official Internet Yellow Pages at the OBS on the global Internet, the authors invite you to submit your own favorite sites on the Net. Online publishing is a reciprocal experience; your participation is crucial to the success of a useful resource tool such as this book. Please fill out the form below and return to

or fax to 508-546-9807.

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