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The Romanian Village

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SUBJECT: The southeastern Transilvanian village

The aim of this project is to make known the southeastern Transilvanian region. We believe the media has been ignoring the village and the traditional customs from this part of the country, although interesting and original. The villages we are presenting have preserved on a great extent the customs, the traditional clothing and even the old way of working the land. The main objective is to open a collection of 50-60 photographs, presented in Brasov and other parts of the country, and of course in this Internet site.

OBJECTIVES: Rural architecture:
  • traditional architecture, village's yard, the house, the garden.
  • the church, the school, the village hall, the graveyard.
  • the village fortress - if the case.
  • the village structure - the street, the alley.
The people:
  • The village people's portraits.
  • the portraits of the village personalities: the priest, the mayor, the forest-guard.
  • the crafts man's portrait: the blacksmith, the carpenter, the cowboy, the shoemaker, the bartender.
  • The work in the field: ploughing, sowing, cropping.
  • Holiday customs.
  • hora (the round), the folk music band, the choir, the fanfare.
Rural landscape
  • Dostat village, Alba county
  • Mesendorf village, Mures county
  • Poiana Marului village, Brasov county
Members of EXDECO photo club Brasov:
  • Puiu Asmarandei - AFIAP
  • Mihai Moiceanu - AFIAP
  • Ioan Naghiu - AFIAP
  • Virgil Nastasi - AAF
  • Catalin Stoia - AAF
  • Radu Ursu - AAF
SUPPORT: If you would like to support this project please contact us at the following address:
Mihai Moiceanu - AFIAP

Page designer: Mihai Munteanu
Graphics (icons and titles): Lucian Brandus
Photos: Mihai Moiceanu - AFIAP, Radu Ursu - AAF

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