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Electronic Mall: Banking und Shopping in globalen Netzen

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B. G. Teubner Stuttgart

EUnet Germany

On the Internet, many people and companies other than the author and the publisher gain from the popularity and utility of a freely available online book. Opportunities for sponsorship, linked closely to a book's content, offer direct marketing advantage on a scale and at a level of granularity impossible in any other medium. Online, sponsors can focus in on their highly targeted markets, and engage in virtually risk-free "advertising." OBS's flexible sponsorship approach means spending marketing dollars for results--far more effective than the speculative "buckshot" approach of yesterday's direct marketing campaigns on paper. OBS has pioneered the microbilling approach to online sponsorship, beginning with the "Cyberdock" program in Nicholas Negroponte's bestselling "Being Digital," released by OBS in March, 1995.

In this pre-release of "Electronic Mall," the first publication of OBS's new server in Germany, OBS-Europa, we invite the participation of new sponsors from the European market. Using this innovative sponsorship model, we are building a rich Internet resource, while making online publishing meaningful from a marketing perspective. It's a healthy cycle. Sponsorship income will enable the authors and OBS to enhance and enrich the site, which in turn will yield more traffic, which will benefit the sponsors.

This unobtrusive sponsorship model achieves three essential goals: offering readers unobtrusive and voluntary advertising; giving sponsors access to the heavily trafficked sites of OBS-US and OBS-Europa on a risk-free microbilling basis; and offering the Authors and OBS link editors incentive to continue doing the useful and creative work which has made our site world-known since we opened our cyberdoors in 1992. If you are interested in participating, email to Thanks for your attention.

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