Nineteen years ago, at the first SIGGRAPH in 1974, Ted Nelson gave out advertisements for his book Computer Lib, predicting personal computing and universal interactive screens. By its timing, this book ushered in the era of personal computing, which began four months later. Ted is widely known in the computer field for pioneering and speaking on the idea of interactive media since the early sixties. He coined the terms "hypertext," "hypermedia" and "dildonics," as well as a number of other terms in common circulation. He is the founder of the Project Xanadu,* a long-term endeavor to implement mass-market electronic publishing with automatic royalty and freedom to quote and link among documents.

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This is not an ordinary computer-industry biography. It is something else again: the story of a remarkable number of coincidences and connections, ideas and adventures that crisscross the hot spots of our era, as experienced-- not accidentally-- by a driven, original, rascally cuss, an atheist on a mission from God.

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