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People Who Make it Happen:

  • Photo Editor

    (Client and OBS)
    Selecting Photos
    Cropping and Scanning
    Positioning on the Page

  • Designer

    (Information Designer and not only Type and Graphics) Does Enabling Maximum Access Mean Marrying Netscape? Meaning Arises From Movement
    Enabling Custom Access is Key
    Best Design is Invisible or Intuitive Design
    Retrofitting Paper Design Skills Proves Ineffective
    Design to enable Access, User Response, Adaptation

  • Permissions/Link Licensor

    Permission from Alan Paton's Estate in South Africa for "Cry"
    Link Agreement with ClariNet for news feed into Mandela book
    Bipolar Linking Arrangement with UPenn for Africa Site
    Multiple pointers to Restoration from .EDUs

  • Link Editor/Bookbots

    Silent Days with Red Pencil and Manuscript Are Gone
    LinkThink Is a Collaborative Process
    Serendipity vs authentic bookbotting
    Links as amplifications of meaning--not only illustrations

  • Systems Person

    The Mind Behind the Machine
    Integrating Multiple Sites: Europe, Africa, Hollywood, and USA
    Dealing with Team Members with Multiple Levels of Experience and Ability
    Playing Tennis with a Net: Dealing With "I'll Know What I Like When I See It."
    Adaptability and Humor Essential for this Job

  • Project Manager

    The Shrink and the Cop

  • Proofreader

    Last Pair of Eyes, Ever Reading
    Lowest Paid
    Spellchecker: A False Friend