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K12 Educators in Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts
"Catch the Internet Wave"
April / May 1995
Seminar Sponsor: Cisco Systems
Organized by Online BookStore and Educators Plus

Why We Are Here

What are the Goals of this Seminar

Who Is Today's Audience?

What we will do: 40 minutes of presentation then 10 minutes of Q&A


Learning by Surfing: An Introduction to the Internet


  1. What Are Computer Networks
  2. Internet
  3. Distributed vs. Contained Network
  4. Three tools and a rule: The Internet Tool Box
  5. Hypertext: Chunks and Packets
  6. World Wide Web (W3 or "The Web")
  7. Surfing the Web: What is a Browser?
  8. How to Connect and What Does it Cost:
  9. How to pay for it Summary:
    Change in attitude at these seminars, from curiosity to a real hunger for knowledge and eagerness not to be left behind. We can help with one-on-one visits and seminars, especially during the upcoming summer.

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