Web Publishing: Can You Afford Not To Know?
Redefining Bookseller/Publisher Roles

ROCKPORT, MA, May, 1995 -- There are the enthusiasts, and there is the Internet backlash, but there's no arguing that the Web is everywhere. Here's a unique opportunity to cut through the hype and understand what's really happening, as BBN-Planet and Online BookStore (OBS) team up to offer a provocative and informative afternoon seminar to launch this year's AMERICAN BOOKSELLERS ASSOCIATION CONVENTION on June 3 in Chicago.

OBS, the first commercial bookstore on the Internet, and BBN, the company that built the original Net twenty years ago, offer a critical tour of publishing and bookselling on the Web today: who's doing it, what works and what doesn't work, who's making money and how. The seminar will feature OBS's distributive online edition of NICHOLAS NEGROPONTE'S bestseller "BEING DIGITAL," which makes its Internet debut at the ABA. This actual case study of Web publishing from idea to implementation will be presented step-by-step, with advice on how to jump-start your own Internet publishing project.

The seminar will be delivered using World Wide Web as the presentation vehicle, and will close with a live tour of the best examples of interactive Internet publication.

OBS introduced Internet to the ABA two years ago in Miami, at our Internet Start-Up Booth. But now, the time for introductions is over and the age of implementation has begun!


PUBLISHERS who want to succeed in developing synergistic marketing and editorial strategies for publishing in print and online.

PUBLISHERS who want to target strategies for strengthening their traditional publishing expertise into the kinetic online environment.

BOOKSELLERS seeking to sell ideas and identify alternative income streams.

AUTHORS who recognize that by living on the Web, they become publishers themselves.

PUBLISHING PROFESSIONALS who wonder: Is it true copies don't matter any more? What's for sale then? What does competition mean in a globally interlinked envionment?


To jump-start the Internet publishing project, BBN Planet and OBS will RAFFLE the complete World Wide Web publishing solution TO COURSE ATTENDEES:

The value of this complete package is over $15,000.

Refreshments will be served.

Reserve now! Space in this seminar is limited to 150!

Place: EAST Building, Level II, Room E253B
ABA Convention and Trade Exhibit
McCormick Place Complex, Chicago, IL

Time: June 3, 1995, 3PM-6PM

Cost: $150
All major credit cards accepted

For more information, or to register for the seminar contact:

Al Kaufman
Online BookStore (OBS)
978-546-7346 (phone)
800-495-4627 (toll-free FAX) (email)

Who We Are:

ONLINE BOOKSTORE (OBS) started out as a division of Editorial Inc., a book packaging company and literary agency started in 1982. The OBS was launched in 1992 with the online release of "The Internet Companion: A Beginner's Guide to Global Networking" by Tracy LaQuey. We organized the first Internet Start-Up Booth at the Miami ABA back in 1993, with the purpose of introducing the book publishing and bookselling communities to the Internet. At this year's ABA, OBS special features include Negroponte's BEING DIGITAL, fourteen QUICK READ titles from Time Warner Electronic Publishing, and Marcia Yudkin's MARKETING ONLINE for PENGUIN LTD. (This is an unusual, online way for Penguin to attend the ABA; the company is not exhibiting this year.) OBS will be offering free Home Page services to booksellers and publishers who sign up for OBS services at this year's ABA.

Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, BBN Planet Corporation is the nation's leading provider of managed Internet access and value-added services for businesses and organizations. Last Fall the company celebrated the 25th anniversary of its development of the ARPANET, which led to the development of the global Internet. Over 1,000 leading companies and educational, medical and research institutions nationwide connect to the Internet via BBN Planet's operations. BBN Planet's Internet services include managed security services, around-the-clock network operations, end-to-end problem resolution, comprehensive problem tracking, backbone management, training and consulting and ongoing configuration management services. For its fiscal year ended June 30, 1994, BBN had revenue of $196 million.