2 June 1995

Booth #1053, Chicago, Illinois
American Booksellers Association Conference June 2-5, 1995

Online BookStore Introduces New Commercial Models for Publishing on the Internet

Negroponte's bestselling "Being Digital" published online with OBS; and Time Warner launches their Quick Reads series online with OBS

For the third year in a row, OBS leads the publishing industry into "the online future," releasing at this year's ABA several significant new projects with major publishers. OBS shows, through its projects with Knopf, Time Warner, and Viking Penguin, all released for the first time at ABA, that the evangelizing stage of online publishing is over, and the implementation stage has begun in earnest.

In 1993, OBS brought the first Internet connection to the ABA in our Miami "Internet Start-Up Booth". In 1994, OBS introduced "distributed publishing" to the ABA, featuring titles from Farrar Straus & Giroux, Wiley, McGraw-Hill, and Globe Pequot Press. Of their experience with OBS, McGraw-Hill's Royalynn O'Connor is quoted in this week's PW: "The McGraw-Hill Professional Book Group reports unexpected success in sales of its title "Paperless Publishing" as a result of making the book available free through the Online BookStore, a Web site operated by electronic publishing pioneer Laura Fillmore." In 1995, OBS offers booksellers and publishers profitable options for new business on the Internet.

Highlights of this year's OBS booth #1053 include:

To see the future of publishing in process today, come to Booth 1053.

Contact: Laura Fillmore or Karen Fuhrman on site at Booth 1053, or David Eales at 978-546-7346

Laura Fillmore President, Online BookStore

ABA Booth #1053