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OBS: Leading the Online Publishing Industry Since 1989

ROCKPORT, MA (June 15, 1996) -- Open Book Systems (OBS) was there when it started and has a strong history of advancing the online publishing industry. Through consulting with publishers and implementing innovative ideas online, OBS takes credit for a startling number of industry "firsts" for many of the major publishing houses in the U.S. Now, as the Internet publishing focus moves from strictly marketing book products towards dynamic online publishing -- accessing and developing the ideas and information contained within books -- OBS again takes the lead.

Follow the history of online publishing by reviewing the OBS "Firsts":

OBS takes pride in putting its clients first. We work to integrate our publishing and internetworking skills with each publisher's existing business, to help our clients develop strong Internet publishing programs. In the fast-moving arena of Internet publishing, being first means getting the attention of Internet readers before your competitors do. OBS specializes in profitable solutions for doing just that.

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