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For Immediate Release
Contact: Laura Fillmore
ABA Booth E4537

OBS Introduces Dynamic Online Publishing:
Beyond Marketing and into Selling Access to Ideas

ROCKPORT, MA (June 15, 1996) -- Online publishing no longer means only marketing hype or downloading copies of static files. Once again, Open Book Systems (OBS) pioneers the industry towards a new -- and commercially promising -- area of online publishing.

Finally we are getting into what Laura Fillmore, President of OBS, calls "the real kernel of the Internet potential," the ongoing and dynamic publication of content -- information and ideas -- online. No longer just a marketers' sandbox or a store for products, OBS now uses the Web as a commercially viable means to supplement and advance publishers' core business.

OBS's ABA highlights include demonstrating live on the Internet four major advances in this area of dynamic online publishing, showcased by sites OBS has recently designed and custom-built to fit the needs and staff resources of its clients.

OBS specializes in creative solutions for companies eager to discover how the Internet can work most profitably for them. Our networking and publishing experience combined with our international publishing staff guarantees the flexibility crucial to success in today's cyber market. Collaborating with OBS's Web publishing teams enables publishers to educate and capitalize on their own human and technical resources, while successfully reaching the global Internet audience.

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