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The winning site has already been chosen, but you can still read what the contest was about...

Create your own site for Quentin Tarantino's new vampire film From Dusk Till Dawn and enter it into competition for fame and prizes. Tarantino's earlier movies include Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs.

As the topic of Internet censorship heats to a boil, Open Book Systems (OBS) steps to the forefront by providing a forum for addressing the questions of censorship and free expression on the Net.

Throughout the month of January, OBS will be posting for contestants' use two kinds of resources:

  1. sections of the official screenplay, images, audio and video snips (including many previously unreleased on the Internet), provided you display proper attribution and respect for copyright.

  2. links to other related Internet sites.

The purpose of the official From Dusk Till Dawn Site Contest is to offer an opportunity to use the free and open resources of the Internet: for Tarantino fans, it's your chance to strut your electronic and intellectual stuff; for censorship proponents and opponents, it's your chance to present your case.

THE PRIZES: The creator of the best From Dusk Till Dawn site as judged by Dimension Films will be awarded the following prizes:

  • A private screening in your hometown of From Dusk Till Dawn for you and 50 of your friends!

  • Prestigious links to your site from the official Dimension Films site and from OBS!

THE CRITERIA: All sites entered in this contest will be judged on "Truest Application of Style" and the "Best Approach to the Topic of New Censorship". Judging of content and creativity is completely subjective and the determination of the winner by Dimension Films is final.

THE TECH RULES: This is the Internet--for the most part, there are no rules. As of today, you can still make and post whatever you want. There are, however, Official Rules for this contest, and to them, strict compliance is mandatory.

THE DROP-DEAD DEADLINE: Entry forms including the URL for your From Dusk Till Dawn site must be received at OBS no later than January 31st to qualify for this competition. The Winner will be announced and posted on the OBS and Dimension Films sites on February 14, 1995.

The contestants' URLs are posted at OBS with their consent in the order they are received by OBS. Check out the Contestants page to see current sites entered into competition.



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