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Kevin and Linda Aphrodite knows that on the Web, "You're nobody till somebody links you." Why not try and be somebody by entering our Adopt-a-Site Contest and win a hot link from Miramax Home Entertainment!

Woody Allen brings the Greek goddess of Love, Aphrodite, home to New York in his Academy-Award winning movie, Mighty Aphrodite, coming soon in video from Miramax Home Entertainment. Taking us on a quest for identity that leads the heroic couple, modern urban professionals, down love's modern side paths of adoption, adultery, and prostitution, only Woody Allen could turn it all into a comedy along the way.

Our hero, Lenny Weinrib, gives in to his wife Amanda, who thinks that adopting a baby will be much easier than having their own. Amanda wants to be a mother, not just a wife. What starts out as a tame dinner conversation becomes a family of three when Lenny and Amanda adopt the baby they name "Max." But is the young boy *really* their son? This question assumes a new shape when Lenny discovers Max's "real" mother, the prostitute and porn star of many names and identities, played by Mira Sorvino. Lenny's attempts to save the child's mother sets love's kaleidoscope in motion.

Enter the Internet, laughing. Surfing this vast and anonymous sea of URLs, we confront our own identity crises: What does this mass medium transform us into anyway? Proliferators of thousands of email messages, site masters and serfs, struggling technology lovers struggling behind our electronic ego management systems? The Web enables as it ensnares: it confirms our identity and power by offering equal access to all, yet denies most of us of the very basics of animal communication: eye contact.

You can, of course, remain anonymous, and just tour through the Mighty Aphrodite site, enjoying the warp and woof of film and net. But for those hungry for riches and fame, the Mighty Aphrodite Adopt-a-Site Contest might prove alluring...


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