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The Postman (Il Postino)
The Notebooks

". . . Only after he had covered all the pages of his notebooks with doodles and disinfected his hands with Flores de Pravia soap would he pick out his very best metaphors and transcribe them onto those pages with a green pen just like the bard's own."

---from the book The Postman by Antonio Skármeta

Poetry is the 'bread of every day' (pan de cada día) because we humans are built to forever chase for meanings over and beyond the apparent. We have always drawn ourselves, written ourselves, sung ourselves. It isn't enough just to be.

Mario uses his notebook of love poems to begin making a song of himself and his life. We offer you below a series of Notebooks to indulge yourself in the same necessary pleasure.

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The Notebooks:

1. The Swallow That Lives in Your Eyes
Poems of love and passion.

2. A Taste of Metal
Poems of the industrial world and the digital age. Poems of everyday life and work, from cleaning, childminding, factory work to white-collar whizzing, wheeling and dealing. Poems of protest and social awareness.

3. Laugh It Off
Comic poems and satires.

4. The White Fruit
Poems of nature, joy, and the spiritual life. Mystic musings and meditations. Poems of yearning and loss.

5. Epiphanies
Poems or short descriptions of everyday happenings that suddenly take on a universal meaning. Revelations that could be made into poetry sometime, that perhaps are poetry in themselves.

6. Talk About Poetry
Your comments on what you read at this site. Your thoughts on poetry in general. Recommend your favorite poets.

Enter your own verses and comments.


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