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Independent Film Resources

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Internet Resources for (Independent) Filmmakers

The Independent Film Channel

slamdance - The Festival Dedicated to Supporting New Filmmakers

WebCinema - Dedicated to Independent Filmmakers Using New Media Technologies

Mandy's International Film and TV Production Directory

The Sundancechannel Site

Filmmag - THE Magazine for Independent Filmmakers

The i-line: publishes indieWIRE, the Trade's News Daily

The Roger Ebert Movie Files

Kevin Smith's Film Studio

Enzian Theater

The Canadian Filmmaker's Distribution Center (CFMDC) Catalogue

Film Scouts--- Scouting the Universe for the Best in Motion Pictures (Webcast Multimedia, Inc.)

IndieZine - The Independent Filmmaker's Electronic Newsletter

The Film Forum

Film Related Links (Eden)

The Cyber Film School, a web site dedicated to the process of making movies

The Knitting Factory Cinema

Cannes 97 - 50th Anniversary

Hollywood Online

International Cine-Scene

Mercado Europeo de Cine de Barcelona 1997 y Festival Internacional de Arte Cinematográfico de Barcelona 1998

Het Nederlands Film Festival

Media in Media - Slovenian Media Festival with Focus on Avantgarde Filmmaking

Film Festivals

The Film Festivals Server (

Film Festivals Page (

Film Scouts on the Riviera(tm) and The Film Scout Guide to Cannes

The Sundance Film Festival

Film Institutes

The Sundance Film Institute

Sundance Home Page

Recent/Upcoming International Movie Releasll.htmles

The Internet Movie Database

Polish Cinema Database


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