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State of the Union Address of the President

January 23, 1996

The President:

To the media, I say you should create movies and CDs and
television shows you'd want your own children and grandchildren to
enjoy. (Applause.)

I call on Congress to pass the requirement for a V chip
in TV sets so that parents can screen out programs they believe are
inappropriate for their children. (Applause.) When parents control
what their young children see, that is not censorship; that is
enabling parents to assume more personal responsibility for their
children's upbringing. And I urge them to do it. The V chip
requirement is part of the important telecommunications bill now
pending in this Congress. It has bipartisan support, and I urge you
to pass it now. (Applause.)

To make the V chip work, I challenge the broadcast
industry to do what movies have done---to identify your program in
ways that help parents to protect their children. And I invite the
leaders of major media corporations in the entertainment industry to
come to the White House next month to work with us in a positive way
on concrete ways to improve what our children see on television. I
am ready to work with you. (Applause.)