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Cry, the Beloved Country
A NEW MOVIE BY MIRAMAX FILMS based on the book by Alan Paton

Message on August 14, 1996 from
Shawn Lim

I'm doing Cry, the Beloved Country as a Literature text this year. Cry is perhaps the best novel dealing on racial issues that I have read. The plot is powerful, telling in a mere 300-odd pages the tale of discovery, enlightenment, and mending of the tribal culture of the natives in South Africa. The sight of people of all races coming together to do their little bit in an effort to create a South Africa that they can all identify with strikes a poignant note, contrasting with the aparthied that followed in the later years after the book was published. Truly a story of comfort in desolation.

Message on July 29, 1996 from

I am studying South Africa. I was woundering if you could send some info on the NEW South African flag and anything you have.

Thank you for your genourous help.

Message on July 25, 1996 from

This book certainly presents the situation of aparthied in South Africa in a whole new perspective. A stepping stone in progress towards an integrated and united South Africa. Paton's narration is powerful and deeply moving, and as a reader, we cannot help but feel the enormous pain that the opressed native South Africans feel every single day of their lives, and our hearts bleed for them with every turn of a page.

Stephen Kumalo's long and untiring search for a lost son is merely a reflection of the big picture, the continual struggle of the South Africans in search of their national identity, a land that they can truly say belongs to the South Africans.

Message on July 25, 1996 from

This is a good book, but doing it for a Literature examination really kills it...

There are many interesting ideas that we can explore. In a way, this book is a journey for all of us.

As a youth in today's society, I recommend this book to everyone who reads this page.

Message on May 6, 1996 from
Sumash Singh
B.Sc Computer Science
University of Fort Hare

I would like to obtain some information on the author of the book Cry The Beloved country. I am doing some research on his life and would greatly appreciate it if i could be assisted.

Thanking you in advance.

Message on March 1, 1996 from

Your "Enter the Internet Version" picture is inverted. It should be like the cover on the book next to it...Just a tip from a great admirer of Alan Paton. I would say that he is an incredible genius. It's too bad he couldn't share a moment with Lincoln. Two great minds should.

Message on February 21, 1996 from
William O.

Cry the beloved country is a classical struggled exprienced by African people. It show a depth insight of human struggle especially a people who were made to feel like foreigners in their own land. What a shame?

Message on February 15, 1996 from
Jill O.

I still remember reading this book for a college English class and writing a paper on it, for which I received an A! I was so impressed by this book that it was the most enjoyable paper I've ever had to write!!! I am going to read it again, now 20 years later. Then maybe check out the movie.

Message on February 7, 1996 from
Chido Nwangwu


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Messages on January 27, 1996 from
Ken Zelasko

I remember reading Paton's book in high school a good many years ago. In fact my English teacher, Father Robert Sheridan, said the book would remain with us for many years. He was so right. Through all the years of the unrest in South Africa and apartheid, I can clearly recall the senstivity of the two fathers meeting and then coming to an understanding that the country belonged to both black and white. I have not seen the movie, but I intend to read the book again in the next few days.

...Thank you for the site and the upcoming film.

...I have visited Miramax's _Cry, the Beloved Country_ net site, and I was blown away by the pictures and the text.

...Alan Paton became one of my favorite authors. His novels certainly portrayed a different kind of life in a faraway country that was different from one that I was accustomed to in Chicago. Paton's words and the words of my sophomore English teacher are still clear in my mind about prejudice. It cuts deep into the fabric of mankind. It must be stopped before it cannot be repaired....

Message on January 15, 1996 from
Sheryl McDevitt

What a neat place!

Entertainment Weekly, December 8, 1995
"Our Next Attraction: Ty Burr reviews Hollywood on the World Wide Web"

"Of course, when all the Net flash is done and loaded, the site that has honest-to-goodness content can show up the PR flacks any day. CRY, THE BELOVED COUNTRY...a site that uses material from Miramax and Open Book Systems, weaves passages from Alan Paton's 1948 apartheid novel with script sections from the upcoming movie starring James Earl Jones and Richard Harris and links to relevant Net nodes such as a South African Chamber of Mines site and a glossary of Afrikaans....the Cry site has emotional and intellectual heft. It quietly earns the respect the other sites grab at and miss."


Message on December 5, 1995 from

In nature, parasites are usually much, much smaller than their hosts. I wonder how such a different situation developed in the politics of colonialism, where the parasite is larger and more powerful than the host, yet still depends upon it for the lifeblood of its survival. Is there a parasite in nature that operates like the human invention of empire?


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