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(from the movie Cry, the Beloved Country by Miramax Films)

(from the book Cry, the Beloved Country by Alan Paton)

"...Jarvis said to him, not looking at him, there is something between you and me, but I do not know what it is....

--I doubt if I could tell it, umnumzana.

--You must tell it, umfundisi. Is it heavy?

--It is very heavy, umnamzana. It is the heaviest thing of all my years.

He lifted his face, and there was in it suffering that Jarvis had not seen before. Tell me, he said, it will lighten you.

--I am afraid, umnumzana.

--I see you are afraid, umfundisi. It is that which I do not understand. But I tell you, you need not be afraid. I shall not be angry. There will be no anger in me against you.

--Then, said the old man, this thing that is the heaviest thing of all my years, is the heaviest thing of all your years also...."


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