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Would a rose by any other name smell just as sweet?

Amanda and Lenny adopt a child so they can be called "Mom" and "Dad" and not only be "Husband" and "Wife." But what do they call the child? The name becomes the thing. Give a "handle" with care; there's destiny in a name. And so they call their anonymous baby "Senator Rabbi Max Weinrib."

Amanda and Lenny

Lenny: This kid is going to be a great kid. Heís fabulous. What do you want to call him?
Amanda: Call him? Well, what about Eric?
Lenny: Eric? Kidís not a Viking. I want to name him after one of my heroes.
Amanda: Like what?
Lenny: What about Groucho?
Amanda: Groucho? Oh get real.
Lenny: No, Iím serious, itís a great...You know, oh, I donít know
Amanda: What about Phineas? Do you like Phineas?
Lenny: Phineas? Are you joking? Phineas is the guy who forecloses on the mortgage. I donít want to call this kid Phineas. Heís adorable. Thatís so great. What the. Let me think. What about Jango?
Amanda: Jango?
Lenny: Jango yeah, Jango Weinhart the great guitar player.
Amanda: Jango Weinrib?
Lenny: You see thatís the curse of the Weinrib name. It doesnít go with anything. Nothing goes with it.
Amanda: Well, ok, well about something simple like, you know, Ben.
Lenny: Ben? You want to call him Ben Weinrib? Which is going to be a gin rummy champion. I just want the kid to have a great name. What about Sugar Ray Weinrib?
Amanda: Holden. After Holden Caulfield.
Lenny: You see Holden is one of those things that works if we use your maiden name. Holden Sloane. But not Holden Weinrib. Kid is so cute. What about Cole? Cole Weinrib. Harpo Weinrib. How about Earl the Pearl Weinrib.
Amanda: Oh God.
Lenny: What about Shane?
Amanda: Shaneís pretty.
Lenny: Shane Weinrib. Shane would be ok.
Amanda: Yeah, on the other hand, you wouldnít want a Supreme Court Justice called Shane.
Lenny: I got it. Brilliant. This is so brilliant. Got it. Are you ready.
Amanda: Yeah
Lenny: You ready. Thelonious Weinrib.
Amanda: Max. What about Max?
Lenny: Max
Amanda: Yeah Max
Lenny: Max, look how cute he is. I want to hold him. Max is ok. Dr. Max Weinrib. I like the name Max.
Amanda: Yeah, Max itís good, itís simple.
Lenny: How about Senator Max Weinrib. Rabbi Max, Rabbi Max Weinrib. Maybe we should rethink Max.
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