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Using classic dramatic conventions, Woody Allen adapts Greek Drama to Modern Manhattan Comedy and discovers Aphrodite in New York. We meet the ancients in modern context: Cassandra the prophetess, Tiresius the blind seer, the Chorus with its constant commentary (like colleagues on a newsgroup or a listserv).

Today's Trojan hero, Lenny Weinrib, rides subways and elevators instead of a wooden horse to reach his Helen of Troy. But wait a minute! Is she a mother? Or a whore? And what can Lenny Weinrib do about any of it? We can count on the wise-guy Greek chorus to comment on the intrigue.

Blind Beggar:Does the Trojan horse have a wooden dick?ÖItís something you donít want to know, but youíd have to be blind not to see it.
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With the Chorus, Woody Allen uses the "4th Wall" technique, which enables characters such as the Chorus to take a break from the direct action and talk directly to the audience. The problem with being in a Woody Allen movie is that characters like Lenny Weinrib have a way of talking back....

Chorus Leader: But to understand the ways of the heart is to grasp as clearly the malice or ineptitude of the gods. Who in their vain and clumsy labors to create a flawless surrogate have left mankind but dazed and incomplete.
Chorus: Take for instance the case of Lenny Weinrib, a tale as Greek and timeless as fate itself.
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Lenny:You know, thatís why you will always be a Chorus member because you donít do anything. I act. I take action. I make things happen.
Chorus Leader:Hurry the hell up, I hear footsteps.
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How handy for Lenny, as the plot unravels, to have access to his own personal Cassandra, a mythological character who can see into the seeds of time and see which will grow, and which will not.

Cassandra:You never should have looked for her. Now I see big trouble.
Lenny:Youíre such a Cassandra.
Cassandra:I am not "such" a Cassandra. I "am" Cassandra.
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Lenny can't always safely rely on his Chorus, or the Greek seers' gift of foretelling the future. Real-time living comes with mortal vulnerabilities which our hero Lenny must navigate through using his own wit.

Pimp:That girlís going no place. She walks on me Iíll disfigure her and Iíll fucking kill you.
Lenny:Thatís exactly what Dr. Kleinholtz would call acting out.

Greek Chorus:Remember brave Achilles.
Lenny:Achilles only had an Achillesí heel. I have a full Achilles body.
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The footsteps echo through time back to the cyberclassics of Greek Drama, which you can visit on the web today:


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