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Books from Austria in Numbers

Readers of Austrian literature and books can also be found outside of the small country. Austrian authors aren't only found in Salzburg and Graz, they are equally at home in Hamburg and Basel. Austrian books are a visible symbol of the cutural life of the country, and furthermore, books are economic goods.

In 1993 the Austrian publishing industry registered a clear increase in production. A total of 4,634 new publications, including periodicals, were released. This is an increase of 22% in comparison to the previous year. Literary works comprised the largest group of new releases, with 550 new books, followed by 396 newly released books dealing with economics and social sciences. These were followed by publications in the area of history and jurisprudence, and lastly by books for the target groups children and youths The value of new releases was placed at öS 1,109,145. Of all new books published, 3,474 titles were carried by book dealers.

In the opinion of the President of the Austrian Book-Trade , Dr. Otto Mang, the almost 16% increase in the export of Austrian books to Germany is of great importance. Exports were valued at DM 120.1 Million. At the same time, German publishing houses also registered an increase in sales to Austria at an estimated DM 367.7 Million.

In 1995, Austria will be represented in Frankfurt with approximately 160 publishing houses. There are a total of 220 independent publishing houses .

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