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And Now for Something Really Wild

Flied food

If you're really adventurous, if your palate craves something truly out of the ordinary -- at least, to most of us -- and if you're not gung ho about ravaging the lists of endangered species, how about trying insects?

If you like the idea, hey, have we got a Web site for you!. Some entomologists at Iowa State University have put together a collection of Tasty Insect Recipes. Yep, you read that right. Check it out for such delicacies as banana worm bread, chocolate chirpie chip cookies, and bug blox.

Where on earth did we find this? The McKinley Internet Yellow Pages, of course. Tasty Insect Recipes is a 3-star site, or is that a 3-bug site? For more food links, try the McKinley Magellan Internet Guide. Who knows what might land on your plate?

Posted June, 1996.
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