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An Islamic Prayer

The following Islamic prayer speaks of power and domain:

Allah, Lord of sovereignty, Thou bestowest sovereignty upon whomsoever Thou pleasest, and Thou takest away sovereignty from whomsoever Thou pleasest, Thou exaltest whomsoever Thou pleasest and Thou abasest whomsoever Thou pleasest; in Thy hand is all good, Thou surely hast power to do all that Thou dost will. Thou makest the night to pass into day and makest the day to pass into night; Thou bringest forth the living from the dead and bringest forth the dead from the living. Thou bestowest upon whomsoever Thou pleasest without measure.
- from the Holy Quran 3.27, 28

The preceding prayer is included on a page of Islmic prayers at the Web site of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Student Organization, University of Texas. It's a 4-star site, as rated by the McKinley Internet Yellow Pages and the McKinley Magellan Internet Guide.

Posted July, 1996.
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