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The Next Bill Gates?

Don't look over your shoulders, Bill, but there's a new generation already off the starting blocks and well into the first lap. You, Warren Buffett, and the Sultan of Brunei may someday have more competition among the ranks of the world's wealthiest individuals.

One of the top future contenders for Mr. Gates's title may very well be a 19-year-old secondary-school dropout from Germany named Lars Windhorst. Young Herr Windhorst began his career five years ago by assembling and selling computers from his parents' home. At 16, he started his own company. Today he runs companies in seven countries, employing 370 people, and last year he earned an estimated $120 million. His interests run from computers and electronics (of course) to real estate.

Clean Money?

Earlier this year, an apparently disgruntled former employee raised charges of fraud against Windhorst. On Tuesday, however, prosecutors investigating the allegations rejected them as groundless. His reputation intact, Windhorst is moving ahead with his phenomenal career. One of his current ideas is to build a 55-story high-rise building in Vietnam.

Germany's Chancellor Helmut Kohl, who has been trying hard to lead his country out of the economic doldrums, has pointed to young Lars Windhorst as an example of what intelligence, hard work, and a good measure of Selbszucht (self-discipline) can accomplish.

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Posted July, 1996.
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