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The Kurdish Tragedy
and "Oil for Food"

Iraq's Kurdish refugees, forced in large numbers into camps following the Gulf War, have suffered terribly during the past five years. Many have died of rampant disease and starvation. Thus it comes as a hopeful sign that Iraq agreed last month to a United Nations proposal allowing the country to sell oil for desperately needed food and medicine. For its part, the U.N. lifted the international embargo on Iraqi oil, first put in place after Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1990. Iraq is allowed to sell $1 billion worth of oil every ninety days.

A provision in the agreement requires that $150 million of the oil profits be taken in the form of humanitarian aid to Iraqi Kurds, to be distributed by the U.N.

In place of the recipe listings that usually follow on this page, let us ponder the plight of those in the world who do not have adequate food to feed themselves and their children. To get a focus on the problem, we can connect to Brown University's HungerWeb, a site rated 4 stars by the McKinley Internet Yellow Pages. For still more resources on world hunger, search for the keywords world hunger in the McKinley Magellan Internet Guide on line.

Posted June, 1996.
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