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Na zdorovia!

There's nothing more Russian than vodka. No doubt, President Yeltsin and his challenger, Gennady Zyuganov, were toasted many times on election night with their country's favorite strong beverage. And quite possibly with the most famous brand, Stolichnaya.

Russians never drink vodka without eating something. And Russian cooking, from Beef Stroganov to Sputnik Tea, can be delicious. Try, for example, botvinia, or cold green vegetable soup with fish. If you'd like to prepare some more Russian dishes in celebration of the ongoing political season, you can find some great recipes at SOAR, a 4-star Magellan site, brought to you by the McKinley Group.

For still more connections to the world of food and drink, consult the Food and Dining chapter of the McKinley Internet Yellow Pages.

Posted June, 1996.
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