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NBA Playoff Season

It's that time of the year, when the National Basketball Association winds up its long season with the razzle-dazzle of its championship playoffs. Who will emerge at the top after this grueling competition among the league's finest teams -- the Bulls? the Jazz? the Sonics? the Magic?

Gametime Snacks

For the lucky few, there are seats in the arena, where the action is hot, the hometown fans are wild, and the hot dogs and cold drinks are plentiful. For the rest of us, it's live, close-up shots on a TV screen, within a quick sprint of the kitchen for cold drinks and snacks.

The Net Epicurean
But why eat just popcorn and chips? Jazz up your gametime snacks with recipes from the Internet. You can turn to one of the McKinley Internet Yellow Pages' 4-star Web sites, The Internet Epicurean, for some great ideas and a ton of links to recipe sites. For example, check out the orange crab cocktail or the shrimp and spicy cranberry dip at this list of appetizer recipes. And if watching all those lithe basketball players in tip-top condition makes you self-conscious about your weight, maybe you'll want to try some low-fat appetizers and snacks. Mmm, mmm -- add a little spice to the NBA finals in your own TV room!

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Posted June 17, 1996.
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